Fine Print in Security System contracts

Read the fine print

Today I looked at one of my competitors advertisements and it says They are giving away a FREE SYSTEM, FREE SENSORS and even a FREE GIFT CARD. I looked at the fine print and found a few items that may be helpful to you as a customer.

This is valid only with home systems.
This offer includes up to 15 sensors free for pre wired homes or upto 7 free sensors for wireless but labor charges MAY apply.
This offer with the lower monitoring rate does not include a cellular connection but is contingent upon the customer paying for a landline.
This offer does not include interactive control or remote arm and disarm (Elite)
This offer does not include the extended warranty. (Service Plan – Repair agreement etc…) Hourly rates will apply for repairs.
Gift card is through a 3rd Party and they charge a shipping and handling fee.
The system is apparently free but there is a $99 dollar installation fee.
There is a 36 month agreement that has to be signed
Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account.
Termination fee applies
This offer is contingent upon the customer passing a CREDIT CHECK. (Peak Alarm does NOT do CREDIT CHECKS)
This offer is to get the salesman in the door because this offer cannot be combined with other offers so the low monitoring rate may not apply

Review your alarm contract closely

Check the BBB Better Business Bureau on every company that you get pricing from. Some of our competitors even the ones that are running ads similar to this add have thousands of complaints filed. Two of our competitors have over 3000 complaints on the BBB. Peak Alarm has had one complaint filed with the BBB in the last 3 years. That is a real issue because you might sign up and then find out you signed a 60 month agreement or if you don’t have a phone line you end up paying over $50 per month for monitoring. Often if you are in SLC they sign you up for monitoring and since the police don’t respond you have to end up paying a guard service which costs much more than the $10 per month that Peak Charges. Get the facts. Peak Alarm is the only local company that has both a Guard Service, an alarm company and a UL listed Central station to do your monitoring. Many of the others have out of state monitoring stations and no guard service or a 3rd party guard service.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384

What I like about my security system.

Peak Alarm employees are on 24/7

Peak Alarm employees are on 24/7

Call Larry Love at (801) 428 1384 at Peak Alarm for Utah and Idaho

What I like about my security system

I like that fact that my system indicates if I have left a door or window open.
I like that if there is a flood condition it lets me know.
I like that fact that it will dispatch the fire department if there is a fire even if I’m not home.
I like that I can worry less about my house while I am on vacation or at work.
I like that I can see when my kids gets home on my phone and when they leave.

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Alarm system installed no credit check

Peak Alarm will not run your credit report

Peak Alarm will not run your credit report

No credit, bad credit, no problem. Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm (801) 428 1384 for Security in Utah and Idaho.

Most Security companies give you a song and a dance and then run your credit report and tell you “Sorry you don’t qualify”.

Peak Alarm web site

$149.00 Installation fee and $45 dollars per month you can have a touch screen security panel installed in your home or small business without Peak Alarm running your credit report.

We understand that many of our customers are trying to start out new or have had issues in the past, that is why we can work with you to get a top of the line security system installed for you without the stress of worrying about your poor credit history.

Improve the quality of life get peace of mind

They come sealed in the plastic vacuum packed bag and they are hard boiled.

They come sealed in the plastic vacuum packed bag and they are hard boiled.

As we go through life we constantly ask ourselves the question “Will this improve my quality of life”? We decide when we will exercise, or eat well and when we don’t we suffer the consequences many times with negative health and loss of energy.

When we purchase a security system often we do so to help us feel safe. Some people worry about fire so they tie their smoke detectors into a monitored system so the fire department will be dispatched on CO detection or fire. This can not only improve your quality of life it can extend your life in certain circumstances.

When we purchase a system that our Mother or Father may use if they fall down and can’t get up it give us peace of mind and helps them be independent.

When we purchase a camera system we can check with our phones that can also allow us to check on our pets, children or just check on the home to give us peace of mind when we are away. This can improve our quality of life knowing that we can feel better and when our mind is calm we can function better as well.

One of my sons, one of my daughters and my brother have all become vegetarians. They all have lost weight, have more energy, sleep better and they feel better. I have thought about it although most likely I only have 30 years left of life and I need to decide if I want to cut some of the things I enjoy out of my life in order to get the benefits. Anything that is worth something normally takes time and sacrifice. Quality items normally last longer and the same goes with security systems. You get what you pay for. Cheap systems end up costing more in the long run.

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