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Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

(801) 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com

In business since 1969. Peak has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with only 1 current complaint listed as of 09/04/17

Better Business Bureau web site www.bbb.org

When looking for an alarm company keep in mind that large national companies sometimes are not as flexible as a local company. Look for a company that has been in business and has been consistant and it is also prudent to check the BBB web site for complaints. Some of the alarm companies in Utah have over 1000 complaints that have been filed.

Call Larry Love 801 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com for pricing

I don’t want a long term monthly security monitoring contract

Month to month agreements are available

Month to month agreements are available

I would rather pay month to month than sign a long term monitoring contract

Peak Alarm offers different types of monitoring agreements including:

The following examples are based on Installation of the Control panel, cellular communicator, 3 Door Contacts and one motion detector. All of these plans include elite control which is interactive services that include remote arm and disarm. The monthly charge also includes the extended warranty repair agreement to avoid hourly labor charges on covered needed repairs. Many other companies that offer the interactive services start out at $49 per month and that does not include the repair agreement as ours does.

Month to month $890 down $46 per month
12 month – $660 down and $46 per month
24 month – $355 down and $46 per month
36 month – $99 down and $46 per month
48 month -$75 down and $46 per month
60 month – $49 down and $46 per month

The more you pay on the system the lower the contract length can be. This is the same with cell phones and other items as well like cars. I use the example for a cell phone because my kids both bought I-phones but one signed a longer agreement and paid less upfront. We can subsidize part of the equipment when you sign a 36 month agreement. Other companies tell you that you will get FREE equipment but don’t believe it because nothing really is free. You will either sign for a longer period of time or a higher monthly fee but it won’t be free. Security companies are in the business to make money and provide a service.

Adding a smoke/heat/freeze sensor, glass break or additional motion detectors would add $130 each per item added or $65 each for additional door or window contacts. Pricing is subject to change.

When you mention to me that you saw our TV commercial I can offer you 3 months of free monitoring and yes that is free but it is not equipment so we can do that for you.

Companies that charge very low monitoring rates normally lack in other areas because much of the time their service is automated and they don’t give you full service options. Make sure you verify before you buy

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 47 years (Since 1969)

Peak Alarm is the only local company in Utah that has both a Guard/Patrol Division and a UL listed Central Station. Other companies contract out their guard services or use a 3rd party central station and many of them our out of state. When you are talking to someone in NY and trying to tell them that you live closed to 106th south and Redwood Road it means nothing to them whereas our dispatchers are all local. Peak employees over 270 employees. Buy local it helps keep the money in Utah.

Peak Alarm has 4 offices to service you as well as being insured and licensed which many companies cannot boast.

Peak Alarm also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org and has only had 3 complaints in the last 3 years.

Contact Larry Love at Peak Alarm (801) 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com Peak Alarm web site I can come out to your business or home to do a no cost site visit and provide you with pricing.

Does your security company meet these requirements?

In Utah the horns have to stop and strobes keep flashing after silenced

In Utah the horns have to stop and strobes keep flashing after silenced

Does your Alarm Company meet the following requirements?

1. Has your Alarm company been in business for almost 50 years? Peak Alarm has been in business for 47 years this year.

2. Does your Alarm company own their own UL Listed Local Central Station? Peak Alarm does and it is certified for high security installations. Most companies use third party central stations in other states for their monitorings.

3. Are all the dispatchers 5 diamond certified? Only 200 Central Stations in the US meet this requirement. Peak meets this requirement.

4. Can your Alarm company offer same or next day service or do you need to schedule our several weeks for service? Peak can!

5. Is your Alarm company licensed, insured and do they put their employees through an FBI background check? Peak Alarm is and does.

6. Does your Alarm company have their own Guard and Patrol division? Peak Guard and Patrol has their own building right behind Peak Alarm.

7. Does your Alarm company have their own AV division. Peak Alarm does and they are number #18 in the Nation

8. Does your Alarm company employee factory trained techs?

9. Does your Alarm company have their servers backed up in separate sites everyday. Peak Alarm does this and we also have an out of State Partner that can monitor all of our accounts in case of an emergency within the state.

10. Does your Alarm company employee almost 300 local people adding to fixing the economy or is the money funneled out of State to a large company somewhere?

11. Does your Alarm company have a drug testing program and do they do a mandatory test any time there is an accident? Peak does.

12. Does your Alarm company have certified CAD NICET designers to help with designing fire alarm systems and printing the drawings for the building permit process? Peak does.

13. Can you call a sales representative at your Alarm company and have him come out to your home or facility to do a free evaluation or do you need to wait several days for them to get back with you? You can call me at home (801) 898 6003 or at work. (801) 428 1384

Once a company get too big it becomes hard to deal with them. Peak Alarm is large enough to take care of our customers needs and we are growing at a good rate although we are still local and still family owned and our owner still comes to work each day and is accessible to the employees and customers. When the company gets too big then it becomes very difficult to reach anyone when you need to talk to someone. After reading through the list above give it some thought and then call Larry Love.

So if you answered YES to all of the above questions and you are happy with your current Alarm company that is awesome. If you answered no to any of these and would like additional information about Peak Alarm please call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or email him Larry@PeakAlarm.com

Obviously there is a long list of positive and good points about Peak Alarm. This does not mean Peak Alarm does not have it’s challenges which we do although we use any negative feedback to try and learn from it. Our installation manager takes pictures of any problems out in the field and uses those in the training sessions. All of our phone calls are recorded with the exception of the secure line in accounting so Peak can go back and listen to how we treat customers and use this for training. The accounting line that is not recorded is used to protect your visa and banking information.

DMP Wireless Pricing in Utah


RE: Pricing examples for DMP Security using an expandable Security panel (DMP XR150) when access control, multiple keypads, partitions or over 48 zones is required. Be sure to call for current prices. Each Project may have specific requirements that will require the pricing to be altered slightly. To get special Pricing on your commercial or residential project contact Larry Love at 801 428 1384.

Basic DMP 150 Panel, battery, wireless receiver, 3 wireless door contacts, 1 wireless motion and a wireless remote fob. (Communication over analog phone line or see cellular below)

$499.00 install price and $39.00 per month for 36 months.

Pricing for additional DMP devices:

Door/Window wireless sensors $75 each installed
Wireless PIR 90 degree motion or wireless Glass Break Sensor $130 installed
Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector $134 Installed
Wireless Carbon Monoxide CO Sensor $135 installed
Additional Key fob $65
Z-Wave module $85 installed
If a repeater is needed add $260
Cellular communicator $338 installed and $22/mo extra for High Supervision cellular or $10 for standard cellular or $15 dollars for Elite control with Cellular. (Allowing control from your smartphone)
Indoor HD Day Night wireless camera $350 installed (Works with the smartphone app)
Outdoor SD Day Night wireless camera $400 installed (Up to 6 cameras using app +$10/mo )
DMP wireless IP router with WPS $168 installed
Wireless Locks $400 installed – Pricing will depend on each individual model number and installation time.

Other Z-wave devices can be quoted upon request (Lighting control, locks, temperature control etc…)

NOTE:. The expandability to over 100 points on the 150 model and up to 500 on the DMP550 panel gives you great versatility. The 150 panel can also partition into 8 areas and have up to 8 access control doors.

When hardwired systems are installed there is a charge for wire/cable and time to install the cable including drilling and or installation of conduit and or wiremold. Having a PREWIRE done while your building is in the stick phase is very prudent. On a hardwired system you don’t have to change the batteries at the device location just at the headend location once every 3 or 5 years. (Normally)

The PeakLink can also have a repeater added to the system allowing you to have the less expensive system installed in your larger home when 48 points is sufficient.

Contact Larry Love 801 428 1384 Larry@PeakAlarm.com for a customized quote and additional information. Be sure to check the Better Business Bureau on every company you deal with. www.BBB.org Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Peak Alarm installs Cameras, IP camera systems, Fire Alarm including Hochiki, Silent Knight and Firelite. Peak Also installs 2GIG, DMP, DSX (Access control) and other low voltage systems such as intercom and lock control. Peak Alarm is one of the top companies in Utah and the most experienced locally owned security company having been in business for over 45 years. Peak put all their employees through mandatory drug testing and FBI background checks. Peak Alarm is licensed and insured.

We were honored to work with Cactus Jack in this production. Larry Love on left, Cactus Jack center and Claudia Paredes on right

We were honored to work with Cactus Jack in this production. Larry Love on left, Cactus Jack center and Claudia Paredes on right

Review of Peak Alarm in Salt Lake City Utah negative reviews

Peak Alarm review

Peak Alarm review


Peak Alarm has had some positive and some negative reviews posted on the Internet. As with any large company (270 employees) you will end up with some negative comments from time to time.

I recently spoke with the President of Peak Alarm and the CEO of Peak Alarm and they assured me they take the negative comments posted seriously and strive to look for the best way to make positive changes to insure that every customer’s experience is a good one.

Some concerning comments on Peak Alarm’s billing practices were made and those comments were read and changes have been put in place to handle concerns in a reasonable fashion. Peak Alarm is a business and as such, bills for services and when a customer does not pay, the account managers try to call and send letters and if payment is not made, from time to time an account is sent to collections. Peak Alarm has changed the company it uses for collection to another company that provides a better service.

Peak Alarm had a complaint filed which said Peak Alarm broke the trust they had with the customer. According to NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code, IFC and R710 local code alarm companies are obligated to report Fire Alarm systems that are red tagged or a danger to public safety to the local AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction (Fire Marshal) Each case is taken on a case by case basis and Peak Alarm strives to work with the customers to get their systems repaired but in cases where life safety is put in danger there is a legal obligation to report on non functional alarms. If the customer does not comply with the code any alarm company would be obligated to report such conditions. Each alarm company that is certified to install Fire Alarm Systems has to pass specific training and tests that encompass these aspects.

You will find that only 5 complaints have been issued against Peak Alarm through the Better Business Bureau in the last 4 years and 1 complaint in the last year has been filed. www.bbb.org


Peak Alarm has been in business for 45 years and they are licensed, insured, factory trained and provide their employees with a great benefit package.

Peak Alarm is the only company of it’s type that provides a full Alarm installation company, a Patrol and Guard division and a UL listed Central Station. Peak Alarm also has a full service AV division as well. Peak Alarm is certified to do UL 2050 installations as well.

Peak Alarm does both Commercial and Residential installations.

Call Larry Love for a quote directly for your home or business at 801 428 1384 or email Larry@PeakAlarm.com

Peak Alarm strives to improve their service every year through in house and formal training for employees and certifications.

Video Analytics in Utah

Video Analytic software solutions can help alert you when someone is climbing a fence or going the wrong way. New license plate cameras can now read the plate numbers and enter them directly into a computer program. Video solutions are coming a long way in a short time. IP video is the way to go but don’t go with a contractor that is just going to install a quick camera system or the least expensive system.

You don’t look for the least expensive look alike I-Phone you go for quality not only because it is a brand name but because the features, quality and options that it gives you.

IP cameras take up more storage but storage options are getting less expensive all the time.

Camera systems allow you to view accidents and have video for court, view security video incidents, use the video as a training tool for employees to praise them for a job well done. When you use video in this way it become a positive force that your employees appreciate.

Larry@PeakAlarm.com Call Larry 801 428 1384 direct for pricing or a video solution.

What do you need to view?
How much motion occurs in these areas each day? 9 hours out of 24 or 15 hours of traffic?
How long are the wire/cable runs?
Is drilling required?
Is a lift needed to install the cameras and or wire?
Do you need heater blowers in your outside cameras?
Do you need to see in the dark?
How is your lighting laid out?
Do your trees need to be trimmed to get the best camera views?
Do you currently have analog cameras that need to be updated to IP?
Do you know that you can purchase a hybrid DVR/NVR that will allow you to connect both analog and IP cameras to the same unit
Did you know you can view your cameras from your Iphone? Or smart phone?
How much storage do you need on your DVR/NVR? 2TB, 6TB or more? Let us help you with this.
Did you know that commercial, industrial video equipment is different from what you buy at the big box stores?
Did you know that commercial systems backup video on 2 separate drives in case of failure?
Did you know you can integrate your video system with your access control and security systems?

call Larry for an appointment today.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 45 years

Read this before buying a security system

Bosch BCSD GSA Dealer

Bosch BCSD GSA Dealer

Security and Safety expert advice – Thought about buying a security system?


First off, this is not a sales pitch. I work at American Security & Fire, Inc. and have since 1998. We do mostly commercial security systems not residential although we have done residential and we do not turn work down but we do not go seeking residential work. If you need advice about smoke detectors or CO sensors I can help you out with that as well. I am a NICET level 2 in Fire Alarm and a Master Fire Alarm Tech through the Utah State Fire Marshals Office.

Installing additional lighting including motion lights is always helpful. When you are in a complex with gates that have codes or electric locks don’t give your codes out to anyone because unauthorized people tend to infiltrate to look for ways to break in. It is best if you can escort visitors each time rather than giving your codes out.
Management should have all the codes changed every year as a precaution.

Care should be taken when choosing a home security system and the installation company. Currently many of the Residential Security Companies are being sued in several states because of misleading business practices. Don’t sign any contract on the same day; take time to get other bids and advice before you buy any system. Spend some time researching the company online and always ask the salesman for his Utah DOPL license. Salesmen and installers are required to be licensed through the State of Utah and they must carry their license at all times. Write down the number of the license and keep it with your proposals.

For apartment complexes or condos, Security companies recommend wireless systems rather than hardwired equipment. There are different levels of quality when it comes to brand names and types of systems. Pricing compares in a similar fashion as you would compare prices on car brands or computers depending on the model, brand, warranty, features etc…

Most residential systems now can be controlled via your smart phone allowing you to arm and disarm remotely. If you need advice on contacts or motions that would be another topic but pricing on contacts can run from ten to 130 dollars and motion sensors range from $25 and up depending on the features and quality.

Pricing on a basic Bosch security system with a 3 year warranty will cost you around $600 for the panel installed and then you will add devices as needed. Final pricing will depends on how many devices you have and if you will be using the internet, radio, cellular or phone line to communicate to the central station. A panel with 2 door contacts, one high traffic motion, siren and wireless kit will cost just over $1080 dollars installed. If the phone line is cut the system will not communicate so you can add a cellular unit for $248 and there is an extra $18 dollar cell bill associated with this unit to dial a daily test.

Adding additional contacts cost $68 each or $164 to add a wireless smoke detector, glass breaks or high traffic motion. You can get wireless systems where the contacts cost around 40 each but the quality of the contacts and how long the batteries last will not be the same. Adding a wireless panic to the system is about $90

Monitoring charges will vary but you can find security monitoring through a UL listed company for around $27 dollars per month. If you are wrapping the cost of the system into your monthly payments then plan on a higher monthly fee around 40 or 50 per month. If you are locked into a 3 year monitoring contract at 45 per month then the overall cost of the system and monitoring is $45 x 36 or $1,620. Be aware that if you lose or quit your job and cannot make the monthly payments you cannot cancel without having to pay a large penalty normally around 2000 dollars. Many of these companies will end up suing you to get their money and if you signed the contract with the small print much of the time they end up winning in court. As a side note my company does not lock our customers into long term contracts. American Security & Fire, Inc. focuses on commercial customers although we will assist customers for residential when requested.

Larry Love has been in the commercial security industry for over 20 years, has served several years as Chairman of the Alarm Security Board for the State of Utah’s Division of Occupational Licensing and is currently the Vice President of American Security & Fire, Inc. (801) 263 6002 State of Utah Lic. # 98-355421-6501