Peak Audio Visual AV is number 19 in the Nation CEPRO Magazine

Peak Alarm does it all

Peak Alarm does it all

Peak Audio Visual Division of Peak Alarm just got ranked #19 in the Nation by CEPRO Magazine

Contact Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for pricing or information about Peak Alarm. Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

CEPRO Magazine Top 100 Audio Visual site

Peak Audio Visual can do small home theaters or very large theaters and sound systems.

AV systems allow you to see, hear and feel like it is real.

AV systems allow you to see, hear and feel like it is real.

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New Construction Projects for Alarms in Utah

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm (801) 428 1384 or visit our site at Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Some of the projects that are bidding or have bid out:

Salt Lake Fire Station #14 (Peak Alarm is bidding)
Natural Grocers (Larry Love with Peak Alarm is bidding)
Weber County Library site visit 4/7 (Peak Alarm is bidding)
Prestige Financial LHM (Peak Alarm is bidding this project) We sent out pricing for Fire Alarm, Area of Refuge and Access Control 4/13
Hyatt Place in Moab (Peak is bidding this 4/21- Contact Larry Love for this one 801 428 1384)
Holiday Inn Express in Brigham City (Our Boise Office is bidding this project- Bret Anderson 208 323 1199 )
Clark Planetarium – (Jessie Lopez at Peak Alarm is bidding this) 801 486 7231 x382
Burlington Coat 4/21 (Peak Alarm is bidding this, contact Larry Love 801 428 1384 for pricing)

Projects Peak reviewed but is not bidding:
Solar City – Spec said Mircom then found out NOTIFIER
(Peak is not bidding this since this is FPS Mountain Alarm only)

U of U Ski, U of U Meb – FCI Nelson Fire only (Peak not bidding)
Granite Schools – FCI and EST only (Peak is not bidding)

UVU Valley View 4/28 Notifier only FPS Mountain Alarm (Peak is not bidding)

IHC Heber Valley medical remodel 4/21 (Peak is not bidding this one) FIKE is the early warning system and MIRCOM is the fire alarm.(Gary Powers)

Utah Cultural Celebration – Gamewell/FCI by Nelson Fire, Notifier by FPS Mountain Alarm or Simplex Grinnell LP by Simplex. These are the only three that can bid to my knowledge since the Engineer/owner has limited who can bid the project.

Peak Alarm can do full installations including conduit, wire, devices, programming, testing, training and CAD drawings although most bids go through the Electrical Contractors and Peak supplies parts and smarts or equipment and programming and the Electrical contractor supplies wire, conduit and installation.

When you have corrections or updates to this information please notify so we can get those entered in. Thank you

Way to go Kenny Fox Peak Alarm Fire Alarm designer

47 years in business

47 years in business

Earlier today, Valerie Petersen went to pick up fire plans this from the (City name withheld) City Building Inspector, (Name withheld) . While at the his office, Mr. ________________ asked Valerie to share his thoughts and kind words about Kenny Fox.

Ken Fox,

You are one of a kind. The plans that you submitted for me to review were exactly what all plan submittals should look like.

Your plans showed you knew what you were doing and just what was needed to be added to pass and be stamped by me. I have had other plans submitted to me, but none as complete as yours, and able to be passed on the first time submitted.

You are good at what you do; Peak Alarm should be proud to have you on their team

For more information about Peak Alarm call Larry Love (801) 428 1384

Smoke Detectors that send signals

Normal 120 Volt smoke detectors with battery backup do not send signals to a central station that dispatches the authorities. System smoke detectors will notify the central station rather than just making noise. Normally the smoke detectors are set up just to wake you up. Sometimes people do not wake up but are overcome by smoke and they die. I like designing a security system in a home with at least one smoke detector up and one down that is tied to the system and will send signals. If you are on vacation these detectors will also notify dispatch who in turn can call the fire department.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for more information and a free site visit

Peak Alarm web site – Contact Larry Love

Ask for Larry Love at Peak Alarm to help you design your security system including additional sensors.

Ask for Larry Love at Peak Alarm to help you design your security system including additional sensors.

Peak Alarm can do that !

Protect your assets with updated technology don't stay stuck in the past

Protect your assets with updated technology don’t stay stuck in the past

Peak Alarm offers Interactive services (Elite Control) meaning you can control the following items using your smart phone:

1. Alarm System

2. Lighting control with schedules and remote control of lights

3. Thermostats also on schedules and remote control of temp, air etc..

4. Lock Control – Unlock, Lock remotely and even disarm your system when the doors are unlocked.

5. Garage door control. Did you shut the garage door or not? If you are not sure just get on your cell phone and your system will tell you if it is open or shut and if it is open you can automatically shut it.

6. GEO FENCING – We can help you set up the system so when your phone gets into a certain range like a half mile from your house the system will turn down the house temp, turn on the lights for your and even unlock your doors. These are relay logic strings that we can program into your security system. The same holds true for when you get a half mile from your house the system will lock the doors if they are not already locked and turn off the lights and adjust the temp all without you even doing anything.

7. Some of the items we can connect to your security system are as follows:

Smoke Detectors, Heat detectors, Temperature sensors, Water bugs or flood sensors in your laundry rooms, by the water heater or water softener or in the basement where your sump pump is, Carbon Monoxide sensors (can’t see this gas or smell it but it makes you sleepy and if there is enough of it you don’t ever wake up) We install these just outside funace rooms, just in the home by the garage or near sleeping areas.

Call Larry Love for more information and a free site visit: (801) 428 1384 direct number or cell 801 898 6003

Ask for Larry Love

Peak Alarm is an Alarm company, we don’t sell phone or cable service we sell alarms. We won’t make you wait on an endless phone system Q but we put you through to a live person. Peak Alarm has been in business for 46 years, has an AV division, Guard and Patrol Division and a UL listed Central Station and we are locally owned and operated which is becoming very rare. Peak Alarm is also 5 diamond certified which is an honor that only 7% of Central Stations in the US can claim.