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Brands of Fire Alarm

Depending on the brand of fire alarm you have installed in your facility the cost of parts and service will vary. When you choose a proprietary many times you may end up paying higher costs.

Peak Alarm offers ongoing training programs to their 300 plus employees at four offices in Idaho and in Utah. This week the sales teams were trained on what flexibility is available to us regarding contracts, the different options and customization that our Central Station can offer to the customers and we were trained on our new initiative WHITE GLOVE TREATMENT OF CUSTOMERS AND EACH OTHER.

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Peak Alarm continues to train all their departments and the new WHITE GLOVE initiative is to help step up our customer service and also treat each other with more respect. Peak also puts all their employees through FBI background checks and even local police department checks.

Some of the other important points of the training were as follows:

All 22 of those in the training answered various questions and had to get answers from others in the group to complete the surveys.

1. What do you dislike most in a sales rep? Being Pushy, High Pressure, Late and Dishonest were the top four answers.

2. When a salesperson is talking to you, what interactions make you feel uncomfortable? Lack of knowledge, talking too much without listening

3. How do you as the customer define value? Bang for your buck. Not everyone will buy the most expensive product and most won’t buy the least expensive product but customers want quality and a fair price. Many are willing to go with a solid company like Peak Alarm even if the prices are a bit higher because Peak offers a whole package of same day or next day service, UL Listed Central Station, Guard and Patrol Service and top notch sales teams that are knowledgeable.

We discussed some of the tried and true principles of sales such as A.Preliminaries (Hello etc…) B. Investigating stage – What do they want, what do they need and what is their budget? C. Demonstrating – What is the capability of the products that Peak Alarm offers and D. Obtaining Commitment in the form of a signed proposal or agreement.

We learned about the research done between larger dollar sales and smaller items and how high pressure sales techniques actually hurt your possibility of getting a commitment when dealing in larger dollar amounts. The smaller purchases that can be related to impulse buying don’t cause as much buyer remorse. Getting a bad deal on a larger product such as a car can affect more people than the customer. Often other security companies hire very young people and teach them these high pressure sales techniques so they can go out and get quick sales. These are the same companies that are being sued in several states and that have thousands of complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.

Peak Alarm is proud that we have only had one complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years as of 9/22/16 and zero complaints in the last two years.

We had a session on contracts and learned quite a bit about the ins and outs of these agreements and why we need them to protect the company and the customer.

We made long lists of items that we can improve on and among the list of items we determined that some of the most important things we all should be working on are: Being Honest at all times, Showing up early to each appointment and if we cannot then making sure we call ahead of time to let our customer know what happened and when we will arrive. Another skill that we all need to work on is COMMUNICATION. One of the most important parts of this skill is LISTENING so we learned some techniques associated with listening, body language and personalities. Product knowledge is important although we have a large team of people that can help with that and learning what our customers need and getting them pricing in a professional timely manner will make all the difference in the world. We also went over the importance of sending out hand written thank you cards.

We had a training during our two day training sessions where the sales team actually programmed a DMP security system so we could learn what the techs go through and have a better understanding of how the technical side works. Hands on training We also had a class about customer service and the options our Central Station can offer the customer. Well that is short recap of this training and then we ended with several of our team members getting awards for their efforts.

Thank you to Peak Alarm management for feeling that ongoing training is important enough to spend this much time and effort on. Call Larry Love to get more information about Peak Alarm, Pricing or to set up a tour of Peak Alarm in Salt Lake City. (801) 428 1384

CERT in Salt Lake City

37 graduados SLC

37 graduados SLC

I have taught CERT for many years now. I first got certified in 1978 if you can believe that. I still have the ID cards. If you don’t know what CERT is then read on…….

Understanding what will happen in an emergency and how to react may save your life,the lives of your family and the lives of your neighbors. In a major disaster the Police, Fire and Medical personnel will not respond to the neighborhoods so don’t call 911. That is what the Community Emergency Response Teams are for. We will be on our own most likely for days before help arrives. Most of the emergency services will be responding to where the most people area so they can do the most good for the greatest number of people at once. (Large buildings, hospitals and if possible schools)

Last night at the Emergency Drill the Ham Radio operators transmitted actual messages from different locations to the main Emergency Operations Center which will happen in a real emergency.

The American Red Cross actually set up shelters in the schools with cots, check in personnel and signage just as they do in a real emergency.

CERT – Community Emergency Response Teams from the neighborhoods responded, the first CERT that arrived at the locations became the Incident Commander and organized the area so when more cert trained people showed up they could receive assignments. The incident commander assigned a person to operations, another to planning, a leader over logistics and a person over finance and administration and these people began to organize so when people that were not CERT trained showed up they also could be assigned duties to help the community.

Under the Operations Section three other leaders were assigned: Fire Suppression Group Leader, Search and Rescue Group Leader and the Medical Group Leader.

Trained CERT teams of 3 to 7 people were sent out to several locations for damage assessment and search and rescue. Those teams performed triage, treatment, transportation of the the injured back to the main meeting areas in the neighborhoods. The injured were received at the elementary schools into the medical operations section for additional treatment. Throughout the exercise good notes were taken and important information was sent from the communications area to the main EOC in Salt Lake which was fully staffed for this exercise.

This is all part of a bigger picture instituted by John Flynt in emergency operations for the City. In the event of a major disaster you should take care of your family and check on your neighbors and then report to the closest elementary school. When an accurate number of dead and injured can be reported to the Governor he can then declare the area a disaster and request federal assistance. The longer it takes to get accurate information to the Governor the longer it will be before help comes.

For this reason we no longer refer to the kits as 72 hour kits but we now refer to them as 96 hour kits because it is not likely that help will arrive for several days. It is so important that we learn first aid skills and have water and food storage.

Get involved visit:

CLICK ON CERT: You can register for a CERT class which is 21 hours of emergency instruction in disaster medical, safely removing heavy debris off of the injured, putting out small fires, light search and rescue operations, CERT organization and much more.

CLICK ON FIX THE BRICKS: Here you can check on how likely your home is to sustain damage and they give you specific information for each home not just your area. You can see the fault lines and assessments. You can also contact a contractor to reinforce your home by bolting it to the foundation or bolting the roof on if it is not secured.