Security companies in Utah are not equal

Not all companies are alike

You’ve heard that we should compare apples to apples rather than apples and oranges.

Company One – UL listed monitoring station – backup generators – extra personnel on duty – secure facility – backup equipment in case of failure
Company two operating with one piece of equipment and no backup and one person in the facility. They they have a heart attack signals are not sent on to authorities.

Many other companies – OVER 1000 COMPLAINTS two of our competitors have over 3000 complaints (ASK WHY) – Sure you will find complaints on the internet for any company although looking at the is important because they investigate both sides of the issues so a customer that knows they did not pay their bill and should have normally won’t file a complaint but will complain online.

Company one – Advertises with actual commercials and word of mouth advertising.
Many other companies pay to be on a top ten alarm company list so when the internet pulls up results also check the Better Business Bureau not just a top internet list that is paid for.

Company one in business since 1969 not using gimmicks of offering free equipment
Many other companies giving free equipment out like candy – Often they go out of business in a few years.

Company one puts together custom systems to meet your needs
Other companies don’t address individual needs as well because they are cookie cutter companies

Company one has actual people that you can talk with and personal service
Many other companies are very difficult to talk to after you have purchased the system and need anything else.

Peak AlarmLarry Love (801) 428 1384 –
4 Offices (2 in Idaho and 2 in Utah)
Local Company that employees 300 local individuals
UL liSted Central Station with backup equipment and generators
In Business Since 1969
Family Owned
Many employees have been with the company for over 20 years
Full Service Alarm Company
Certified for UL2050 High Security as well as Bank Safe and Vault Installations
Full Service AV Company
Full Service Guard and Patrol Company
Full Service Central Station
Drug Testing Programs in place
Full Service Commercial and Residential installations

Camera Systems are a deterrent

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Camera systems will not stop vandalism and other criminal activity although it can deter it.

Having good lighting is also very important. In combination with an alarm system, cameras and lighting can and will deter criminal activity. Often when they run into an area with cameras they will move on to an area without cameras.

Peak Alarm has different levels of alarms systems and camera systems. We have entry level, medium level and high end systems. When you go with a camera system that costs less money sometimes you sacrifice quality. A $50 dollar camera is very different from a $400 dollar camera and a $400 dollar camera is different from a $1000 dollar camera that you can load analitics onto. When you research cameras AXIS cameras are top of the line. We have different methods of using camera systems at Peak Alarm.

We have systems that are dispatchers can monitor and determine if there is an actual issue that requires the police or not.

Best Surveillance camera systems in Utah

This comes frozen and is $8 which is about 14 oz and you just add it to an alfredo sauce and put over pasta and it is incredible. You can buy the white lump meat or the claw meat we have done both and love it. I make a non dairy white sauce and it is killer good.

This comes frozen and is $8 which is about 14 oz and you just add it to an alfredo sauce and put over pasta and it is incredible. You can buy the white lump meat or the claw meat we have done both and love it. I make a non dairy white sauce and it is killer good.

Call Larry Love x384 for camera quotes

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for commercial or residential camera quotes in Utah and Salt Lake.

Peak has a full line of entry level camera systems as well as midrange and high end systems to meet your budget and feature set

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years (Since 1969) and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, is licensed, insured and is current on all appropriate taxes and factory training.

Larry Love is an Axis Certified Professional as are several other of the camera consultant specialists and technicians at Peak Alarm

Peak Alarm has several offices to serve you in Utah and Idaho with 271 employees and a full Guard and Patrol division and a professional AV division that ranked 18 in the nation in SDM magazine this year. (2015) Peak Alarm also ranked in the top 100 companies nationwide (#61) up one position from last year.

Security cameras do act as a deterrent although they do not stop crime although they give you evidence after the fact. We have a Videofied line that will allow intruders to be seen by our dispatchers and after we verify it is a real intruder we can send our patrol units or the police. Take a look at the web site. The video is sent over a cellular network so it is not as clear as you would get with an NVR or DVR system although the alarm would be verified in that same moment and the authorities sent out. This system can be completely wireless so you can set it up on a job site or a field or property that does not have a power source. For the first 4 cameras there is a monthly charge of $43 added to your monitoring and if you don’t have monitoring Peak the monthly fee would be $75 per month. The inside camera systems cost a bit less per month.

Call Larry at Peak Alarm for a Videofied quote today

Peak Alarm also has security systems that can have cameras added to them and you can view them remotely from your phone and they will take up to 1000 clips of approximately 10-15 sec after an alarm although these cameras tied to your security system do not record but they do allow you to look at live video at any time and after you are notified of an alarm you may look at the live video feed. Many people also use these cameras to check in on their pets at home or their office when they are away. These cameras can be very affordable to add to your security system. There is a $10 per month fee added to your monitoring when you add security cameras to your security panel in order to pay for the bandwidth and cellular charge when you use the free app. The cost to add an indoor camera to your system is around $249 each when your system is compatible. The cost to add an outdoor camera to your system is about $429 each and they need to be near a 120 volt power outlet. They are wireless for transmitting video although they do need power

When you decide on a security camera system we can help you determine when you would like to have an entry level, midrange or high end system installed at your home or facility. Cameras range from around $200 each to around $650 for a entry level or midrange camera and the higher end cameras run over $1000 depending on the features, brand and warranty. The NVR units run from under $1000 to several thousand depending on the brand and configuration of the NVR or server. Units that record video on 2 drives at once incase one fails are more expensive. When you want to add a UPS that can back up a 16 channel IP camera system for over 90 minutes that will run you just over $1000 in addition to the system although you can buy a UPS that runs the NVR for a few minutes for under $200. Doing some research can end up saving you quite a bit of money in the long run.

When you decide to install a system yourself and purchase it off the internet or at a big box store it is wise to buy 2 or 3 of those systems because there is a good chance the equipment will fail and getting service is difficult and sometimes the connectors are not universal. It is prudent to have an experienced company install your system for your and you will have the confidence that the camera system was done right

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