Access Control in Salt Lake City made easy

Learn about access before you buy

Learn about access before you buy

Larry Love with Peak Alarm 801 428 1384 can help you with any size access control system.

1. Present your Prox ID Card, read your thumb or fingerprint, have your eye read or enter a code and have the door open.

2. The door is held shut with a magnetic lock or electric strike in the door jamb.

3. When magnetic locks are used the system needs to have a request to exit button, request to exit motion and when the building has a fire alarm the system should be tied into the fire alarm for automatic door release upon fire alarm.

4. Strikes that allow free egress (people can go out with out any prior knowledge) don’t have to have request to exit motions or buttons nor do you have to tie to the fire alarm system but strikes have moving parts and wear out sooner than maglocks so there are pros and cons for doing it either way.

5. Call Larry and he can help walk you through the process of what is required for an access control system at your facility. When we put electronic locks on glass doors there is a bit more involved because there speciality locks. So knowing when we are dealing with metal, wood or glass doors is very important.