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Peak Alarm will lock in Senior Citizens at a fixed monitoring rate. Senior Citizens often are on a fixed income and having a monitoring company increase their rates every years on their security system monitoring does not help.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm

My mother remarried and I found out she was paying 72 dollars a month through one of the largest national security monitoring companies and the rates had increased over the years. The 72 dollars a month was only for monthly monitoring and did not include other services it was through the phone line. I called that company to make the change since they were out of contract and it was very difficult to get them to cancel the agreement even though they were not under contract any longer. I lowered her rate and added a medical button which she did end up pushing when she fell in the bathroom. Peak Alarm’s monitoring rates start at $26 dollars a month and depending on what services you decide on such as another $10 for cellular or another $5 for interactive remote arm and disarm the rates can be a bit higher but once a senior is locked in they keep that rate. Jerry Howe the owner made this decision and we have been in business for over 48 years.

UL2050 requirements not always being met

48 years in business

Many companies are not meeting the specific requirements of UL2050. Keep in mind that there is a UL Certificate that the company must have to do the installations as well as a UL Certificate to Monitor a UL2050 account.(CRZM) Many companies do the installations without the install Certificate. (CRZH) Verify that the company you are dealing with has each certificate. The NSA came from Washington to verify that our Central Station would meet the requirements that they needed for the Military monitoring for the Utah Army National Guard.
UL listings for local Central Stations in UTAH – Peak is the only company that holds all 5 UL Certifications
There are only 4 local UUFX listed companies in Utah for monitoring fire alarm as of 5/27/16

1. Avantguard (S3955)
2. Peak Alarm (S1548)
3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints COPB (S25044)
4. This fourth company requested that I take their information off my blog which I have done. You can go to the web site to find all UL listed companies

The LDS Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints only monitors their own facilities.
There are only 5 local CRZH listed central stations in Utah for monitoring high security industrial facilities such as SCIFs as of 5/27/16 ( NISPOM, DOD 5520.22-M, DOD 5100.76-M, JFAN 6/9 and ICD/ICS 705-1) This certificate is for Installation, Testing, Service and Maintenance as well as Monitoring.

1. Peak Alarm (BP20762)
2. L3 Communication Systems WEST (BP9385)
3. Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (BP6295)
4. The Boeing Company (BP6569)
5. TYCO Integrated Security (BP6471)

L3 Communications monitors the secure facilities associated with their facilities.
There are only 3 local CPVX listed central stations in Utah for UL Central Station Burglar Alarm Systems monitoring.

1. Peak Alarm (BP2433)
2. Stanley Convergent (BP2072)
3. TYCO Integrated Security (BP34)

There are only 3 local CVSG listed central stations in Utah for Mercantile Burglar Alarm Systems. Safe, Vault, ATM or Night Depository.

1. Peak Alarm (BP8607-1)
2. Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (BP8367)
3. TYCO Integrated Security (BP8617)

There are only two CRZM local listed central stations in Utah . This certificate is for Central Stations that have personnel trained and on duty to specifically handle signals covered under the CRZH listing that is above so the system is installed properly and then monitored by a certified company. It is best when the company has both certificates.

1. Avantguard (BP10390)
2. Peak Alarm ( BP20783)

UL updates their records on an ongoing basis so be sure to verify on their web site. This information was as of 5/27/16. On the UL site go to online certifications directory at the bottom to find the companies in an area or state that hold certifications.

Utah Alarm Pricing

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

When a product is quite a bit less expensive you need to question why.

Contact Larry Love at Peak Alarm for all your alarm, access, fire alarm, intrusion, cameras and intercom needs. (801) 428 1384

We can lower your installation cost when you sign a 3 year agreement because we can subsidize some of the cost over time. We can do contracts that are less time but we would not be able to lower the install as much. We can even do month to month agreements but the upfront cost would be more.

Any time you have a licensed, insurred and certified company you will end up paying a bit more for their services although this is worth it.

Labor rates at Peak are $100 per hour for residential and $145 per hour for commerical. When I am in a bidding situation I can lower the hourly labor rate a bit when we run it through my department.

Check the Better Business Bureau on all of your alarm companies. Peak has a very good track record at the BBB. In the last 3 years we only have one complaint that is shown on our record. Many of our competitors have a great deal more complaints.

If you are concerned about hackers disarming your system from out front of your home have Peak install a Qolsys system or a DMP system both of which are encrypted

Complaints reviews Peak Alarm

Give us a chance to make it right

Give us a chance to make it right

In the last 3 years the Better Business Bureau has only received ONE complaint about Peak Alarm. If you have a complaint or issue please contact Larry Love (801) 428 1384 and give Peak Alarm a chance to make it right. Another individual that you can call is Dayne Linford 801 4867231 x381

Yesterday we had a training here at Peak Alarm about how to treat our customers and each other with what we like to call White Glove Service. We have only had one complaint filed but we are sure we have customers that are unhappy that did not report to the Better Business Bureau so we would like to reach out to them to help solve challenges.

Contract or agreement concerns – Dayne x381 or Larry x384
Product Concerns – You may call your salesperson directly or Larry at 801 428 1384 – See list of extensions for sales team
Billing issues – Wendy 801 486 7231 x407, Maria (Spanish/Espanol) x404, Mary Lynn x405

Sales Team extension list:

(801) 486 7231

Tony Pino x385 – Tony has been with Peak for over 25 years and Tony works out at the gym regularly and is an excellent resource for information
Paul Mehl x386 – Paul used to sing Opera for the Utah Opera Company and has been with Peak for over 11 years and knows his industry very well.
Jessie Lopez x382 – Jessie is a camera system expert and also knows allot about Security as well. (Jessie is always very well dressed.)
Joe Ferraro x435 – Joe is very professional and is very knowledgeable
Francesco Perri x439 – Francesco speaks Italian and is a runner and hiker and one of Peak’s top Salesmen
Ryan Shurtleff x438 – Besides being very funny Ryan is easy to talk to and knows his stuff. Ryan likes recreational vehicles.
Mike Evans x383 – Mike is a part time auctioneer and has a small farm in Grantsville
Dayne Linford x381 – Besides being an expert at work Dayne is a writer and film producer
Larry Love x384 – Larry is an expert in Fire Alarm and security systems and has been involved in Music his whole life – NICET II Fire Alarm
Kenny Fox System designer NICET III Fire Alarm X440 – Kenny is a Army Ranger Veteran and Fire Alarm expert as well.
Reed Haymore x380 is our Sales Manager and also a systems expert who has years of experience in the Alarm industry.
Clint Beecroft is our General Manager and he is also a level 2 NICET in Fire Alarm and many other certifications so he is a hands on guy

Recently Valerie Peterson decided to leave Peak Alarm so if she was your sales person feel free to contact Reed and he can help assign another person to help you or you can ask for any of the Sales Team members listed above.

Each Sales Person has many more attributes that were not able to be listed and there is over 300 years of experience when you combine the overall total experience in the security and this is just the Sales Team. Our installation team, accounting team, guard and patrol team, AV Team and service team also brings experience and knowledge to the table.


Peak Alarm is the only Utah Alarm company that has Guard/Patrol, an alarm division and a UL listed central station.

Peak Alarm is locally owned and has been in business since 1969

Peak Alarm is one of the few companies that offers same day or next day service.

Call an alarm expert before you buy

Learning about how things are done to harvest bananas in Guatemala 6 days a week for $200 dollars a month on the best paying jobs.

Learning about how things are done to harvest bananas in Guatemala 6 days a week for $200 dollars a month on the best paying jobs.

Take time to speak with an expert before you buy an alarm system of any kind. Larry Love has been in the industry for over 20 years. If you buy inferior equipment or fall for the “free equipment” sales pitch often you will be upset later. Call Larry and go over your options. Peak Alarm offers different contract periods and different lines of equipment depending on your needs.

When an alarm company tells you that they will give you free equipment make sure to check the contract because nothing really ends up being free, you will pay either now or later. Peak offers very competitive monitoring rates. If you pay $35 per month for security monitoring we can subsidize part of the equipment and if you pay a bit more we can subsidize more and if you buy a repair agreement then it can help you avoid hourly labor charges and changing batteries.

Looking for the least expensive service like phone service can often bite you in the butt later on. Often the least expensive service gives you the least service as well. Look for a company that is solid. (47 years in business) look for a company that does not have to go to a third party to provide you alarm response with guards. (Peak has their own guards) Look for a company that has their own central station. (Peak is the only central station in Utah to hold 5 different UL certifications) Peak is certified for UL2050 installation and monitoring.

Larry Love (801) 428 1384

Siemens Cerberus Pyrotronics Fire Alarm

Cerberus Pyrotonics

Cerberus Pyrotonics

Specific fire alarm brands can only be done by certain companies. Siemens Cerberus Pyrotronics is done by specific companies here in Utah and they are :

Siemens – Cerberus Pyrotronics 801 316 2500 Siemens Fire Safety

GSL Electric 801 565 0088

Alarm Control – (801) 486 8731

Siemens is a very large company and Fire Alarm is one of many divisions that they are involved in. They are also involved in things such as HVAC.

To find a dealer you may go to the following site for more information about Siemens Cerberus Pyrotonics Fire Alarm

Often I get asked from Electrical Contractors if I can work on a Siemens Fire Alarm and we can monitor any fire alarm system or security system at our UL listed Central Station and we can also do fire alarm inspections but we don’t sell or service siemens cerberus pryrotronics fire alarm systems at Peak Alarm.

My name is Larry Love and I have been in the Fire Alarm industry for over 20 years. I work at Peak Alarm and I sell Fire Alarms and Security for homes and businesses.

Burglar Alarm licenses Revoked in Utah

Check licensing before you buy

Check licensing before you buy

Burglar Alarm licenses revoked in Utah DOPL Web site in utah This list was current as of 6/1/16 So we encourage you to go to the current Licensing web site and verify any and all information. If there are errors on this page please inform and he will make corrections in line with the current DOPL web site information. Sometimes there are explanations for having your license revoked and if you would like that information to be public on this blog I would be happy to post it.

5 Diamond Protection Inc. REVOKED
Ampition Home LLC REVOKED
Axiom Sales, LLC Lindon Utah REVOKED
Checkpoint Systems, Inc. Chanhassen REVOKED
KGO Inc Washington REVOKED
Moore Motorsports Marketing Incorporated MESA REVOKED
National Alarm Company LLC MESA REVOKED
S.L.V.P.A Salt Lake Valley Corporation REVOKED
Security Investments Utah LLC Westerville REVOKED
Smart Alarm LLC. North Salt Lake REVOKED

Information is power and doing a bit of research on the companies before you purchase will allow you to sleep with confidence that you have made a good decision with the right security company. The list of licenses that were denied is much longer and the list of administrative holds is also a long list. For this reason it would be prudent for you to check each company before you do business with them. Check the DOPL web site above and check the Better Business Bureau site Better Business Bureau web site

Updates and customer responsibility

Tenemos 270 empleados

Tenemos 270 empleados

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for all your Security, Camera, Fire Alarm and Access Control needs.

When a neighbor passes away or moves away and they are on your security emergency call list please call us right away to update your records. If you change your cell phone, or if employees have left your company and your call list is not updated please call us today to get those names, addresses and phone numbers changed.

Be aware that we have a new TEXT program where we can text those on your list at no extra charge instead of calling you. When we have specific troubles such as a low battery we can send you a text and you can decide to send us a message indicating that we should ignore the trouble signal or you can ask us to call you and we will do that too.

Peak Alarm strives to keep our records updated and we send out flyers and reminder papers for our customers to call and update their records but often we will have an alarm at someones home or business and we will be wasting time calling someone that should not be on the list or we will be wasting time trying to call a number that is no longer in service.

Switch your fire and security monitoring to a local company

It's more than just the pricetag

It’s more than just the pricetag

Would you like to switch your security or fire alarm monitoring to a local company?

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Monitoring switchover general pricing examples for 2016 SPRING SPECIALS 60 DAYS ONLY based on 36 month agreements:

NOTES ON PHONELINES: If you are paying for monitoring and paying for analog phone lines you may be paying too much. If you can cancel you phone line and use a cellular or radio it can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

1. Burglar system up to 30 points no cost switchover and $25 per month when monitored over phoneline.
2. Burglar system up to 30 points no cost switchover and $40.00 per month when we install a new cellular communicator. ** This price includes remote arm and disarm. (Elite control)
3. Fire Alarm system up to 30 points tied to two analog phone lines. Inspection fee is $288 including acceptance tag and NFPA 72 report or you can add $24 per month for 12 months to pay for the annual inspection (divided into 12 payments.) Monthly monitoring would be $25.00 per month. When the system is larger we will need to do an evaluation and price this out for you. If the system only has 10 points on the system monitoring would be the same but the inspection fee would only be $180 per year or $15 per month for inspection.
4. Fire Alarm system up to 30 points when Peak Alarm adds a Cellular Communicator in order to eliminate the phone lines. $49 dollars installed and $47 per month. Annual inspection fee with tag and NFPA 72 report as in number 3 can be added to the monthly or you can pay before the inspection.
5. Fire Alarm system up to 30 points when Peak Alarm installs a new AES Radio in order to eliminate the phone lines. $315 dollars installed and $40 per month. Annual inspection fee with tag and NFPA 72 report as in number 3 and 4 can be added to the monthly or you can pay before the inspection according to your exact device and appliance counts.

*For each additional 15 points add $148 dollars to the switchover cost (Includes testing)

** Some alarm systems are so old that they cannot upgrade without changing the main panel, in which case we would need to know the exact model, brand and version of the system, how many devices, how many keypads and it is best to do a site visit before quoting pricing. Larry can come out to your facility or home at no charge to do this evaluation. If you Fire Alarm system can communicate using contact ID we can tie a new cellular unit on it, so it will be able to communicate. Fire Alarm High Supervision cellular units send a signal every 6 minutes.

*** Currently we do not offer remote arm and disarm services when using a radio to communicate. You will notice on the fire alarm that the radio costs a bit more for the installation but considering that you can eliminate your phone lines and it costs less per month this will be the best solution in the long run. The radio remains property of Peak Alarm and if it stops working peak will come out and service the radio at no charge.

Contact Larry for an exact quote on your specific system call
(801) 428 1384 Larry Love

UL 2050 High Security installation and monitoring

46 years in business

46 years in business

UL 2050 High Security installation and monitoring in Utah and Idaho call Larry Love at Peak Alarm 801 428 1384

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

UL2050 installations are installed and monitored a bit differently than normal security installations. There is a special training for those that design UL 2050 systems and the Central Station has to maintain a special certification and stay in compliance with specific requirements in order to maintain that certificate.

The wire is installed in conduit and the screws are cut off to make it more difficult to defeat the system. Only certain products meet the requirements for these high security installations. Peak Alarm is both a Bosch and DMP dealer and both of these manufacturers meet those requirements when using certain systems such as the D9412GV4 or the DMP550 panels.

We normally install tamper switches inside and on the back side of the security panel as well as in the junction boxes depending on the specific installation. We will design your system to meet the requirements of UL2050. We also have vibration sensors we can install inside the panel and the contacts we use are special BMS balanced magnetic contacts that make it much more difficult to defeat the magnets since you cannot just put a magnet up next to them to bypass them. We also have special Bosch motion detectors that are tritech and we have ones that will alert you even if someone spray paints the motion to try to defeat it. Other motions will cease to function when they are sprayed with paint. The Bosch one I am referring to will also not function properly after it is sprayed although it will send you an alert when this happens.

UL2050 installations require special response times as well as schedules which will alert you if your system is armed up too late or disarmed too early etc… (depending on the requirements) If your facility is not supposed to open before 8AM and someone disarms it early that would send a signal to the central station. A system that is installed using these higher standards and a system that is tested using these higher standards is not only more reliable but it is more secure.

UL2050 installations by Peak Alarm are done by a local company that is certified and authorized to install and monitor these systems