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This was written by Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com if there is any information that is incorrect or that you would like taken down please contact Larry

I served the people of the State of Utah by service on the Alarm System Security and Licensing board for over 7 years. I was appointed by the Acting Governor Olene Walker. As chairman of this board I was also a member of the Construction trade commission which is a policy making board.

While serving on these boards I met many wonderful people such as Scott Sessions with Mountain Alarm, Will Naegle with Alarm control and Jeff Howe with Peak Alarm all of whom are honest and well known businessmen in our community. I can’t make a full list of all the people I dealt with but this is a short list of great companies that are all local companies.

Mountain Alarm is the largest of the three and within the family they also own a UL listed Central Station (Also known as Fire Protection Services – Central Station is Avantguard)

Alarm Control does incredible work and most of their work is commercial and they can solve hard to handle intrusion issues. (Also known as Armed Alert)

Peak Alarm is unique in the fact that they have an Alarm division, Guard and Patrol Division, AV Division and a UL listed Central Station

www.mountainalarm.com Scott Sessions

www.alarmcontrol.com Will Naegle

www.peakalarm.com Jeff Howe

Having worked with these individuals for years you get to know them well, how they speak, how they act and most importantly what kind of people they are. With the state of Utah being full of alarm companies that send people out to other states to knock doors and most of those businesses are just looking for the quick residential systems that can be put in in a couple of hours or less. The list of the above three companies have great records with the Better Business Bureau unlike some of the other competitors that have several thousand complaints.

Take care when getting proposals from alarm companies to do your research first and remember you do get what you pay for and there is no free lunch. Some of these companies claim to provide free equipment or labor but don’t be deceived. If you sign a 36 month agreement with Peak ALarm for $45 dollars a month (A typical monitoring rate for interactive cellular) you would pay $1,620.00 over 36 months.

If you sign a 60 month agreement with another company at $45 per month you would pay $2,700 over 60 months or 5 years and they say it is free equipment but you are really paying for it and if you decide to change monitoring they will take you to court and force you to pay what they call BOC or Balance of Contract in order to get out of the contract.

The kicker is that these companies often will charge you $70 per month for 5 years or $4,200 which is over double what Peak charges. Granted each system is different and there are many factors such as whether the system is encrypted making is much less likely to hack and how many devices are on the system and the services that you have each month.

Example of some of the services:

Typical Monitoring $35 per month (This can vary when you bundle other services)
Alarm Response where we sent a uniformed guard in a marked car to your home or business $10 per month (Only in specific areas)
Key Response where you have a keybox on your property so in the event of an alarm we would send a guard out to check the inside of the property $20 per month
Schedules, text or email notification, openings and closings (alert you if your store is opened too early or not armed on time or disarmed on time) Some other services
Cellular Monitoring $15 per month (Includes interactive arm and disarming)
Home automation services such as locks, lighting control, thermostat control, garage door control also are other such services that can be bundled
Commercial Fire monitoring is normally $35 for landline or $48 for high supervision cellular or radio

Years after I began on the Alarm System Security and Licensing Board for DOPL one of the companies that has lots of complaints with the BBB started sending a lawyer to each of our meetings to observe. I understand why they would do this. This company happens to be very large and has a great deal of accounts. This company had been accused of deceptive business practices and had been sued in several states and even recently was ordered to pay 10 million dollars to another alarm company. We were even told by the company owners that since they had thousands of salespeople it was very hard for them to control the actions of so many people. At Peak Alarm for example when a salesperson does something they should not do they are reprimanted and receive a written warning and if it happens again they can be let go. If any of the sales people do not qualify or pass the FBI background check they are let go and I know this is the same at Mountain as well as Alarm Control. One large company that had an employee not pass the back ground check simply transferred him to another state where the licensing laws will allow a person with a felony to sell or install security systems.

So there are honest alarm companies out there that you can use, you can get bids from them and worry less since you have done your research on the people the company and their business practices. All companies will have complaints on the internet. Looking at the www.bbb.org complaints is a bit better since they know both sides will be investigated. Many people hesitate to file a complaint with the bbb if they know they were in the wrong and if it is investigated the truth will come out. Two of the above listed companies have zero complaints on the BBB and one of them only has 5 compared to over 4000 with another Utah based company.

Monitoring package deals

Peak Alarm does it all

Peak Alarm does it all

Contact Larry Love at Peak Alarm (801)428 1384 Larry@peakalarm.com for Monitoring pricing.

Peak Alarm

What does Monthly Monitoring cost? It really depends on the options you decide upon but here are some itemized options:

Basic Monitoring using phone lines is normally $32.00 per month
To Add Smart Phone Control (Elite Control) add $15.00 per month ($32.00 plus $15.00 is $47.00 per month)
To add High Supervision Cellular for Fire Alarm add $22.00 per month to the monitoring cost (Sends signals every 6 minutes)
To monitor using an AES Radio add $15.00 per month to the monitoring cost ($32.00 plus $15.00 is $47.00)

When you just want to switch monitoring using your existing system here are some options:

Adding an AES Radio for Security $49.00 installation and $39.00 per month for 36 months
Adding an AES Radio for Fire Alarm $340.00 installation and $39.00 per month for 36 months
Adding a cellular communicator to your system to get rid of your phone lines or upgrade from a 2g unit $39.00 to $44.00 per month for 36 months (0 down)

Email reports $5 per month
Web Access $5 per month
Schedules like openings and closings $10 per month (This lets you know when your system is being armed or disarmed so you can see if employees are coming in too early or leaving too late.)
Partitions – $12 per month (You can have additional partitions and not pay extra as long as you don’t have different call lists)
Lock Control $4 per month
Lighting Control $4 per month
Garage door Control $4 per month
Temperature Control $4 per month
Guard Response (Alarm response) $10 per month (Limited to Guard Patrol areas)
We can monitor your elevators for $15.00 per month.

I can get you pricing for any term such as MONTH TO MONTH, 12 MONTH, 24 MONTH, 36 MONTH, 48 MONTH or 60 MONTH agreements.

Example: Going with a Month to month plan so you will not be under a long term contract installing a cell phone would be $580 installation and as low as $34 per month depending on how you want to structure it. Many people can’t come up with that amount of money right now so we offer the 36 month agreement so you don’t have to. When you add up say $39 dollars a month times 36 months you get $1,404 that you would have paid in that time period. Subtract the cost of the cellular installation of $580 and that leaves $824 that would be the actual cost of the monitoring after the equipment was paid for which ends up being under 23 dollars or less than a $1 per day so letting Peak Alarm subsidize part of the system for you actually works in your favor.

Phone line monitoring when you provide phone lines is normally $32.00 per month. Discounts available for multiple accounts. Each monitoring plan is customized to each company or individual depending on their needs. We can also give you $75 dollars in monitoring credit every time you refer a customer that purchases a system with Peak Alarm.

When you live in an area with a non response policy such as Salt Lake City and the police will not come Peak Alarm will provide you with 4 guard dispatches in a year as part of your Alarm Response package for only $10 per month extra. Responses after the first 4 will be billed at a discounted rate.

Just like cell phone plans you can pay for the equipment upfront and that can change the agreement length and monitoring price can also be adjusted depending on the package.

If you want to pay a higher monthly rate we can lower your installation cost. Peak is not known for doing FREE systems and most people have learned that you get what you pay for. Nothing really ends up being free, when you get something that they tell you is free you end up paying for it somewhere either now or later. Don’t end up paying for it in the service end.

You can also add a repair agreement to your account so you can avoid paying the hourly service rate of $130 per hour commercial and $100 per hour for residential. When we add this small charge to your account Peak will come out and change batteries, fix equipment that wears out etc…Adding a repair agreement to a system with 4 points is only $7.00 per month and $1 for each additional point.

Peak Alarm does not do credit checks and we also don’t offer free systems like other companies. When someone runs a credit check on you understand that can affect your credit score. Peak has been in business for 46 years because we don’t give free systems away. Many of the companies that do this have started up only to go out of business. We pay our technicians and we offer benefits and we employee over 270 people and as a local company that provides jobs we strive to do the prudent things that will keep us in business. Someone that cannot afford a $99 dollar security system most likely should not be purchasing it in the first place.

Every single Peak Alarm dispatcher is 5 Diamond Certified so besides being a UL listed Central Station Peak holds the coveted 5 Diamond Certification that shows our commitment to training. There are only 200 Central Stations in the Nation that have the UL and 5 Diamond Certifications. This means they all have been trained to do their jobs and react calmly even under pressure and in emergency circumstances.

Peak Alarm ranked #61 in the Nation from SDM Magazine and Peak AV ranked #18 in the Nation through CE Pro Magazine.

Peak Alarm also has a special deal right now on PeakEdge which is Access Control which is normally $2000 dollars per door but we have the special where it is $2,000 for two doors and only $30 per month for 36 months which includes the service agreement. This adds up to $1,540 per door although you only have to come up with $2,000 and the $30 a month gives you peace of mind that Peak will keep the system in good working order. Call Larry for additional details.

These prices are valid for 30 days from 102715 so please call Larry Love for updated pricing.

When water flows through the pipes this switch sends a signal to the fire panel

Monitor your flow and tamper with a fire alarm panel. Keep area clear in front of riser.

Peak Alarm has 5 offices to serve you. We have offices in Idaho and Utah.

Buy Local Buy from Peak Alarm. Family owned business since 1969

Looking for Security System options

What is most important to us?

What is most important to us?

Contact Larry Love for Commercial Systems

Types of Security Systems, Features such as remote arming and viewing cameras remotely, pricing for installation and monitoring

My name is Larry Love and I have been in the alarm industry for over 20 years. I hold a current Alarm license with the State of Utah I also hold several other certifications such as the UL2050 high security training and NICET. Peak Alarm also holds the UL2050 high security designation.

At the bottom of this article you will find different monitoring plans showing how a higher monthly payment can lower your installation cost just like paying for your phone upfront could lower your monthly payments and the same holds true for security systems as well.

Peak Alarm is a local Alarm company that has been in business for over 46 years and Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station, Guard Division and AV Division.

1. I have put together these two PRICING example sheets for CAMERAS and ALARMS so you can get a good idea of what a new system would cost.

2. I also put an option in so you could see what it would cost to install new cameras and use your existing coax.

3. In the Salt Lake City area I would like to come by and meet with you to go over a system that will meet your specific needs. Please email me or call me and I can arrange this. Larry@peakalarm.com or (801) 428 1384

4. I show different amounts for 36, 24 and 12 month agreements and we can also do 48 or 60 or even month to month depending on your needs.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to coming by to meet with you when you call.


September 5, 2015

Attn: Larry Love Larry@peakalarm.com
(801) 428 1384
Pricing Examples:

Peak Alarm Company proposes to install the following:
NVR Video Recorder & POE ports with UPS backup
3MP Verifocal Camera 2.8-12mm IP66 weather rating with motorized zoom
CABLE & CONNECTORS (Up to 100 feet per camera) call and we can figure up longer runs
Entry level camera is 3.6mm 2.1MP fixed lens 60’ IR and IP66 rating


4 Camera 2TB FLIR System installed……………………..……………………………………$3,124.00
4 Camera 2TB FLIR System with entry level cameras installed……………..……$2,460.00
8 Camera 6TB FLIR System installed………………………………………………….…………$6,422.00
8 Camera 6TB FLIR System with entry level cameras install ………….…….……$5,024.00
8 Camera 2TB FLIR Sys use exist coax and entry level 2.1 MP cameras…$3,499.00
16 Camera 16 TB FLIR System installed ………………………………………………….…$12,682.00
16 Camera 16 TB AXIS System with Milestone software & Husky Server…$36,855.00
57 Camera 64 TB FLIR System……………………………………………………………….…….$58,744.00
57 Camera 48 TB AXIS System with Milestone & Husky Server……………..…$112,151.00

Peak Alarm decided to work with specific manufacturers although we can get many different models and brands we lean toward FLIR and AXIS cameras although we also install Pelco and other brands.

Cameras are like cars, all of them have some basic features like 4 wheels and a steering wheel but depending on the brand and model the feature set will be a large factor in the pricing.

We have a $400 dollar camera in the FLIR line that is 3MP verifocal 2.8 to 12mm, IP66 rated, 90 foot IR and built to last.
A similar camera from AXIS is $1,375.00

Cable and installation would then be added to these cameras along with the headend equipment. The prices above include, NVR, UPS, POE power, installation and the cameras. When you have servers installed it costs more than just having a simple NVR installed.

How long do you need the equipment to last? Often the answer to this is “A couple of years” until technology get better then I will buy new cameras. Other people want the camera systems to last 10 or 15 years which is fine although people that have a 15 year old camera system that still works do not have High Definition cameras where you can zoom in after the recorder has done it’s job. You get what you see and often the video is not useable by the police.

We can also purchase cameras from asia that cost much less although we are very careful about the quality of our cameras because we want our customers to be happy with the product and the service.

Each of these options can tie to your internet connection so you can remotely view the cameras. When you do so it is best to tie the NVR units to a static IP address otherwise you can purchase a DNS service or have your IT people do port forwarding. If you have a dynamic IP which can change then your remote connection to your smart phone could be lost each time the IP changes.

Recently I got a call from a customer who has already installed 2 camera systems he had purchased at big box stores and he had been smart enough to purchase 2 systems each time in order to have replacement parts. The equipment was very inexpensive so the quality was quite low. When you purchase a $50 dollar camera you get what you pay for.

8 CAM 2TB 720P will give you about 14 days of storage on motion recording 6TB – 2MP about 21 days of storage. Call for other storage options.

September 5, 2015

Attn: Larry Love Larry@peakalarm.com
(801) 428 1384
Pricing Examples:

Security Control Panel with 2 keypads, cellular communicator and backup battery
3 Man door Contacts
2 Overhead door metal contacts
3 Motion Detectors
2 Glass Break Sensors

Hardwired DMP Options using the equipment list above
1. $2,377.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 36 months
2. $2,780.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 36 months
3. $2,844.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 24 months
4. $3,255.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 24 months
5. $3,122.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 12 months
6. $3,412.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 12 months

Wireless Options using the above equipment list (If a repeater is needed for size add $175.00)
7. $844.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 36 months
8. $1,233.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 36 months
9. $1,087.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 24 months
10. $1,588.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 24 months
11. $1,622.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 12 months
12. $1,882.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 12 months
13. $99.00 installed $39.00 per month for 36 months ( Panel, 1 KP,1 Motion & 3 Contacts)

Add $5 per month to any of the above options for interactive smart phone arm/disarm

Installation can be reduced when we extend the agreement to 48 months or 60 months
Installation can be reduced when you a higher monthly monitoring fee
Monthly fee can be reduced when you pay a higher installation fee

Price to add itemized devices:
Motion $130.00 wireless or $143.00 hardwired if within 100 feet easy access no drilling
Door or Window Contact wireless $65.00 or $100+ depending on location
Additional Keypad $249.00 or about $275 to $300 hardwired
Wireless Glass Break $110.00 or hardwired glass break $156 easy access within 100 feet

Add device price + cable + labor to install cable and device = Total hardwired price

Hardwired system can be partitioned so you can arm different areas at different times using different codes. Monthly fee includes cellular service and monthly monitoring fee.

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been in business for over 46 years

Most of our youth do research and know what they are looking for and if they cannot find it on the web site easily they go elsewhere