Peak Alarm best Alarm Company in Utah

Peak Alarm is the Leader in Utah Peak Alarm is the only Alarm company that has a UL listed Central Station and a full guard and patrol division.

Peak Alarm has been in business since 1969 and has only had one complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years.

Peak Alarm is the only UL listed Central Station that holds 5 UL Certificates.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 or email him at for pricing and more information about Peak Alarm.

Many of the TOP TEN, TOP FIVE or BEST ALARM COMPANY lists on the INTERNET are paid services so be sure to look each company up on the BBB web site before you make your decision.

Understand that Peak Alarm does not do Free equipment so if you are paying $149 for the basic PeakLink system with a monthly of $44 per month over 36 months you are paying $149 + $1,584 or $1,733 total but the equipment is not free, nothing ever is.

Other companies will charge you $56 per month or more for 60 months yet they give you FREE equipment but beware because if you do the math you end up paying $3,360 which is almost double so you are paying over $1,600 in order to save a few hundred dollars.

Larry Love has over 20 years in the industry and can help you with all of your alarm, camera, access control and fire alarm needs. Peak Alarm is a certified Mircom dealer.

Peak Alarm has encrypted security solutions so you can have peace of mind that hackers can’t disarm your system like they can other systems. equipment and DMP equipment is encrypted.

Only alarm company in Utah with Guards, alarms and central station.

47 years in business

47 years in business

Peak Alarm is the only local Alarm company in Utah that has Guard Alarm response using their own guards and patrol, their own UL listed central station to monitor the accounts and their own alarm company to sell, install, test and service accounts.

Call Larry Love 801 428 1384 or 801 898 6003

Other companies have alarms but they use a third party company to monitor and a third party security company to send guards when systems go into alarm.

Peak Alarm is a large company but not too big

Too small or too big can be an issue.

Too small or too big can be an issue.

Alarm companies that are too big are harder to deal with. Peak Alarm is local and has 88 employees on the Alarm side of operations. This means we are big enough to do any size project and still provide same day or next day service.

Some companies that are National are harder to deal with because some of those companies have a month waiting list when you need service and when you have proprietary equipment installed there is nothing you can do about the wait time and the equipment costs are normally double what other equipment costs are. Just food for thought. Peak Alarm does not install Proprietary equipment that would leave you stuck with only one vender.

Contact Larry Love (801) 428 1384 for questions on pricing or for a free site visit. Peak has four offices to serve you. Salt Lake, Saint George, Boise and Idaho Falls.

When you call you Speak with real people.

Same day or next day service calls

Installations are done on a first come first serve basis. Smaller residential installations have a shorter wait time because we have a team that does just the smaller projects.

Commercial projects are a bit more involved and if it is a fire alarm job we are required to have plans signed off by the local fire marshal before we can start work to meet Utah Law and NFPA 72 code.

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Does your security company meet these requirements?

In Utah the horns have to stop and strobes keep flashing after silenced

In Utah the horns have to stop and strobes keep flashing after silenced

Does your Alarm Company meet the following requirements?

1. Has your Alarm company been in business for almost 50 years? Peak Alarm has been in business for 47 years this year.

2. Does your Alarm company own their own UL Listed Local Central Station? Peak Alarm does and it is certified for high security installations. Most companies use third party central stations in other states for their monitorings.

3. Are all the dispatchers 5 diamond certified? Only 200 Central Stations in the US meet this requirement. Peak meets this requirement.

4. Can your Alarm company offer same or next day service or do you need to schedule our several weeks for service? Peak can!

5. Is your Alarm company licensed, insured and do they put their employees through an FBI background check? Peak Alarm is and does.

6. Does your Alarm company have their own Guard and Patrol division? Peak Guard and Patrol has their own building right behind Peak Alarm.

7. Does your Alarm company have their own AV division. Peak Alarm does and they are number #18 in the Nation

8. Does your Alarm company employee factory trained techs?

9. Does your Alarm company have their servers backed up in separate sites everyday. Peak Alarm does this and we also have an out of State Partner that can monitor all of our accounts in case of an emergency within the state.

10. Does your Alarm company employee almost 300 local people adding to fixing the economy or is the money funneled out of State to a large company somewhere?

11. Does your Alarm company have a drug testing program and do they do a mandatory test any time there is an accident? Peak does.

12. Does your Alarm company have certified CAD NICET designers to help with designing fire alarm systems and printing the drawings for the building permit process? Peak does.

13. Can you call a sales representative at your Alarm company and have him come out to your home or facility to do a free evaluation or do you need to wait several days for them to get back with you? You can call me at home (801) 898 6003 or at work. (801) 428 1384

Once a company get too big it becomes hard to deal with them. Peak Alarm is large enough to take care of our customers needs and we are growing at a good rate although we are still local and still family owned and our owner still comes to work each day and is accessible to the employees and customers. When the company gets too big then it becomes very difficult to reach anyone when you need to talk to someone. After reading through the list above give it some thought and then call Larry Love.

So if you answered YES to all of the above questions and you are happy with your current Alarm company that is awesome. If you answered no to any of these and would like additional information about Peak Alarm please call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or email him

Obviously there is a long list of positive and good points about Peak Alarm. This does not mean Peak Alarm does not have it’s challenges which we do although we use any negative feedback to try and learn from it. Our installation manager takes pictures of any problems out in the field and uses those in the training sessions. All of our phone calls are recorded with the exception of the secure line in accounting so Peak can go back and listen to how we treat customers and use this for training. The accounting line that is not recorded is used to protect your visa and banking information.

Security concerns

Each panel is a bit different

Each panel is a bit different

Many have security concerns such as what if someone breaks the glass and comes in a window?

What if someone cuts our phone line?

What if someone breaks through the wall next door?

What if an ex-employee tries to get in using their old code and password?

We have had all of the above happen and more. Believe me, when someone wants to get in they will although having a professional security system can be a deterrent and make it less likely that these things will happen to you when you are not the easiest target.

Optional Solutions
Have motions, door contacts and glass break sensors installed.
Have a cellular or radio installed so getting your phone line cut will not be an issue.
Change your codes and passwords whenever employees are let go or leave. Delete their code the same day and change the password that same day.
Do you have a security contact on your roof hatch?

Peak Alarm has the man power, professional experience and know how to address each of these concerns. Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years and we have offices in Utah and Idaho along with our local UL listed central station, patrol, guard and AV divisions you can count on Peak Alarm.

Call Larry Love 801 428 1384

Peak web site ask for Larry Love

Have a clear picture of what you want

Get it done right not cheap

It might be free but most of the time the free systems work out costing much more than getting it done right.

Write down an outline of what you wish to accomplish. Have clear end results listed.

Have a plan drawn up with the device locations of where you think things should be installed

Hire a alarm consultant to go over your outline and plans with you to refine and make educated professional suggestions.

Be clear about your budget so you can stick to a system that will fit within your budget.

You don’t need motion detectors in every room unless you have a specific plan that requires this, you can have trap areas where motions are placed strategically, decide if glass break sensors would be appropriate for your application, consider water, temperature, air flow, humidity, panic buttons, door and window contacts and other sensors that may be a good fit for your installation. Don’t forget to put overhead door contacts on your OHD Overhead doors.

Consider separating the areas of your company so they can be armed and disarmed in different partitions. The shop could be disarmed say at 5AM but the shop employees could not disarm the office. The room where the accounting records is could be armed and disarmed separately as well.

Peak Alarm can help you with a design that would work for your circumstances. Each business is different so we can come out and do a no cost evaluation on the Wasatch front areas, Saint George, Boise, Idaho Falls, and Park City area and help you with the details.

Get online and check each and every company on the Better Business Bureau web site. Be sure to look up their history because several of the companies that compete against us have changed their name several times. Currently one of the companies that has done this has over 3499 complaints on the better business bureau web site. So be sure to check the different listings, check to see if they are BBB accredited or not, check their reviews. Peak Alarm has had 3 complaints filed in the last year compared to hundreds or thousands from our competitors. Don’t get caught listening to their low prices and fancy talk. Check them out first.

Official Better Business Bureau web site. Enter Zip then company names.

Steer clear of proprietary products that only one company in your state can provide, program, install and service.

Go for something in between the extremes. One extreme is a product that only one company can provide therefore you are locked into their higher labor rate and their higher parts rates. The other extreme is a product that every alarm dealer can install which leaves you open to companies that are not experienced, companies that may not do a professional installation.

Peak Alarm installs brands such as DMP, DSX, Bosch, Hochiki, Silent Knight, Firelite, AXIS and others. These products are not exclusive although all of these products require special factory training so the installers need to be a cut above the rest. Some of these products have limited their distribution to a few companies although you are more likely to get a professional installation yet there is still competition with pricing because you are not limited to just one company. DMP has I believe 5 Alarm dealers in Salt Lake City right now. DSX has 4 the last time I checked and Bosch had about 6 dealers.

Consider a professional camera installation rather than a system from a big box store that ends up costing you about $50 to $100 per camera. When you spend $100 on a camera that is exactly what you get is a hundred dollar camera. You spend seven times that on your cell phone and a security system should Merritt you taking the equipment seriously. There is a big difference between a 700 TVL analog camera and a 3MP camera. Learn the differences. There are cameras that are 3MP from an overseas company that cost 1/2 of what a Bosch 3MP camera or AXIS camera cost and there are reasons for that. Be careful when trying to cut corners on price because most of the time you will end up cutting on quality and features as well as warranty.

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years, has an A+ rating with the BBB and has their own local UL listed Central Station, their own AV division, their own Alarm division, their own Guard and Patrol division and offices in 5 cities in Utah and Idaho.

Call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 or email Larry at

Peak Alarm web site


UL2050 ask for Larry Love

Peak Alarm CVSG CRZH CPVX CRZM UL 2050 UL2050 High Security installation and monitoring company Utah Idaho BP8607 BP20762 BP2433 BP20783

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years and is certified for installation and monitoring from UL for UL2050 high security alarm systems which is used by private entities and the Government. Peak Alarm has a current rating of A+ with the

Call Larry Love at 801 428 1384 or email him at Larry is trained in UL 2050 design and Peak Alarm is one of the few companies that can meet this requirement in Utah and Idaho. Peak Alarm also has a full Guard and Patrol Division as well as an AV division so we can be your full service company.

UL 2050 has special requirements on how security systems are installed and how they are monitored. Call Larry and he can come out to your site in Utah in the Wasatch front area to do a no cost onsite evaluation. It is best when you have a drawing of the building and a specification of the room or area that needs the certification. The portion of the work that will be certified via UL2050 will be the security system and the monitoring so other aspects such as the cameras and the access control can also be added to the installation as well.

Typically we will install a special panel that meets the requirements with a tamper behind the panel and inside the panel, often we install vibration sensors to detect if the wall is being drilled. (depends on location of the panel) The entire system will be in conduit and the screws will be ground off, the junction boxes will have tamper switches installed so if someone trying to access any of the wire connections the system will alert the central station of the issue. System coverage will be designed to meet the specific need of your room or area. Sometimes we install motions in the room and above the drop tile ceiling depending on the configuration and the construction.

Commercial Security pricing

Ask for Larry Love

Looking for commercial alarm system options, call Larry Love (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm

Larry has over 20 years of experience and current certifications such as AXIS Certified Professional Certification, NICET Fire Alarm Certified, Current State of Utah License, FBI background check and more. Hire someone that has experience and works for a company that can get the job done the right way. Peak Alarm has been in business for over 46 years.

Newer equipment has additional features

Newer equipment has additional features

This generation looks up stuff.

This generation looks up stuff.

Security Control Panel with 2 keypads, cellular communicator and backup battery
3 Man door Contacts
2 Overhead door metal contacts
3 Motion Detectors
2 Glass Break Sensors

Hardwired DMP Options using the equipment list above
1. $2,377.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 36 months
2. $2,780.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 36 months
3. $2,844.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 24 months
4. $3,255.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 24 months
5. $3,122.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 12 months
6. $3,412.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 12 months

The game that many security companies play is not letting you decide to pay more upfront and have your agreement/contract be a 12 or 24 month agreement rather than a 48 or 60 month agreement.

Wireless Options using the above equipment list (If a repeater is needed for size add $175.00)
7. $844.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 36 months
8. $1,233.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 36 months
9. $1,087.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 24 months
10. $1,588.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 24 months
11. $1,622.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 12 months
12. $1,882.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 12 months
13. $99.00 installed $39.00 per month for 36 months ( Panel, 1 KP,1 Motion & 3 Contacts)

Add $5 per month to any of the above options for interactive smart phone arm/disarm

Installation can be reduced when we extend the agreement to 48 months or 60 months
Installation can be reduced when you a higher monthly monitoring fee
Monthly fee can be reduced when you pay a higher installation fee

Price to add itemized devices:
Motion $130.00 wireless or $143.00 hardwired if within 100 feet easy access no drilling
Door or Window Contact wireless $65.00 or $100+ depending on location
Additional Keypad $249.00 or about $275 to $300 hardwired
Wireless Glass Break $110.00 or hardwired glass break $156 easy access within 100 feet

Add device price + cable + labor to install cable and device = Total hardwired price

Hardwired system can be partitioned so you can arm different areas at different times using different codes. Monthly fee includes cellular service and monthly monitoring fee.