Non response to alarms by police solution

Many police departments say that responding to alarms is a waste of time and they don’t have time to waste. Many of them say that most of the alarms are false alarms which is true and some of them will respond if they are not doing anything else and some of the departments will respond to business alarms but not residential. Some people argue that just having a police car drive into the neighborhoods for false alarms or real alarms is a deterrent and there are valid points on both sides of the debate.

Peak Alarm and Peak Security

Peak Security will respond

Murray City, Salt Lake City, Kearns and West Valley City will not respond to residential alarms.

Most departments will respond to a verified alarm. This means someone had been on site and saw a door open or a broken window etc… Some departments will consider camera evidence as a verified alarm and others will not.

Some have policies where if a panic alarm is tripped they will respond or if the wrong code was entered they will respond. When you have updated information that applies to any of this blog please let me know and I will update the article.

When they do respond because alarms are not a priority many times it takes a long time for them to get there so another option is to hire PEAK SECURITY and our guards will get there much sooner.

For $10 per month added to your monitoring charges Peak Security will send a guard to check on alarms 4 times during the year and any additional dispatches over and above the 4 included will only be billed at $50 per dispatch. Prices may vary and this is an example and you should verify these prices with your Peak Alarm salesperson.

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