Beware of TOP alarm company lists

Top alarm company lists are a tangled mess

Top alarm company lists are a tangled mess

BEWARE of the TOP ALARM company lists on the Internet. Many of them are just PAID advertisements.

On a recent TOP ALARM company list for Salt Lake City these are the results:

They listed a company in the number one position that is an out of state company that also provides out of state monitoring and that has over 70 complaints filed with the BBB in the last 3 years.

In number two position they listed a company that also has out of State monitoring and has over 4,000 complaints with the Better Business Bureau

In number three position they listed another out of State company that has over 450 complaints against them on the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years.

In fourth place they listed a Local company that has over 3,600 complaints that have been filed against them on the Better Business Bureau and they are not even BBB accredited.

Two companies that were not even listed in the Top Positions were:

Mountain Alarm which has an A+ rating with the BBB and only 2 complaints filed in the last 3 years.

Peak Alarm which has an A+ rating with the BBB and only 2 complaints filed in the last 3 years.

So to figure out why two of the actual best alarm companies in Utah were not listed is easy because they did not pay for the advertizing but if you have thousands of complaints you can still be on the top 10 or top 5 companies in Utah or Salt Lake City.

Call Larry Love 801 428 1384 for information or pricing. Ask for Larry Love

Call Mountain Alarm at 801 363 9696

Worst Alarm companies in Utah to avoid

Give us a chance to make it right

Give us a chance to make it right

Worst alarm companies in Utah to avoid. Check the better business bureau before buying from any company.Better Business Bureau Official Site

Alarm companies with very low labor rates often come with one or more of the following issues:

Companies with more than 100 complaints (On the better business bureau there are many of these and some with thousands of complaints)This list is long so make sure you check before you buy.

Companies with complaints that they are not resolving.

Companies that are being sued in several states

Alarm companies that have changed their name to avoid ongoing legal issues

Companies that are not insured. Many smaller alarm companies charge less per hour but don’t pay their insurance.

Alarm Companies that have had their alarm or security licenses revoked, denied or are on administrative hold.Division of Occupational Licensing in Utah Official Site This list is very long so be prudent and check the DOPL web site before you invest with a business.

Companies that don’t have workers compensation insurance. Always ask for the proper insurance paperwork before you sign.

Companies that don’t pay their taxes

Companies that are not factory trained

Companies that don’t pay their car insurance policies

Peak Alarm is a company you can trust

Peak Alarm is insured, licensed, factory trained, only has 3 complaints in the last 3 years with the BBB, has a UL listed central Station, has been in business for over 47 years, is ranked in the top 100 alarm companies in the Nation by SDC magazine, provides local jobs to over 270 people, has 4 offices and Peak pays their taxes.

Peak Alarm has a higher labor rate than some of the smaller companies because they do things the right way. Peak Alarm has a fleet of vehicles that are clearly marked and the maintenance is kept up so our overhead is a bit higher than some smaller companies but many of the smaller companies cannot do the size and type of projects that Peak Alarm can do.

Peak Alarm is a company that works with the local Fire Marshals installing per NFPA 72 code because we care about public safety. One of the complaints listed on the web was because Peak Alarm would not bypass the fire marshal in order to help the customer save money. Peak cannot compromise on safety issues even if we lose a customers. We will try our best and do every thing we can to help save a customer money although safety is very important.

Peak Alarm is a business and if you don’t pay your bills Peak Alarm will try to collect on those bills. There are a few comments on the web dealing with this aspect of Peak Alarm because people did not pay and their accounts were sent to collections. Peak Alarm pays attention to customer concerns so we have changed the way we do collections and it is more professional now although we are still a business and expect to be paid when we provide services. The person making these complaints did not file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because they knew that both sides of the issue would be investigated bringing out the truth.

Peak Alarm is not perfect although Peak is large enough to take on any size project, Peak has been in business long enough to be one of the most stable companies in the State and Peak is the only company with a full service UL listed Central Station, A full Guard and Patrol Division and a full service AV division.

Call Larry Love at (801) 428 1384 Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Comparing Alarm Companies in Utah

deciding on an alarm company

deciding on an alarm company

I will list come criteria below and then some of the Alarm companies here in Utah for comparison. I have listed the DOPL web site below and you can look up current licensing information on that web site to verify a company’s current status. If there are any errors on this blog please email and I will correct those errors. This is not a complete list of companies. Low price is not the best criteria when looking for a solid professional alarm company.

AAA Security 1/12/13/14
Alarm Control 1/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13
ADT (Protection One and ADT are now one company) 1/5/6/7/8/13/14
Alpha Security 1/6/
Anchor Alarm 1/12/13
AMP Alarm 1/10/F score on Better Business Bureau
DELTA FIRE SYSTEMS aka 3D Fire Protection 1/6/7/8/12/13/14
Elite Home Security LLC 1/6/10
Gray Security 1/2/6/7/
Peak Alarm 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/12/13/14 Only 3 complaints listed in the last 3 years (All three BBB complaints have dropped off as of 12/11/17 so they have 0)
Platinum Security Solutions 1/6/12/13
SIMPLEXGRINNELL -Multiple offices 1/5/6/7/8/
STONE SECURITY 1/6/12/13 Zero Complaints in the last 3 years
TRI-CITY ALARM 1/6/12/13 Only one complaint in the last 3 years
TYCO INTEGRATED SECURITY LLC (TYCO merged with Johnson Controls) 1/5/6/7/8/10 C- on BBB Score
UTAH CONTROLS 1/6/7/8/12/13 Zero Complaints in the last 3 years

1.Licensed and Insured
2.Local UL listed Central Station
3.Local UL2050 listed Central Station for high Security
4.Full Guard and Patrol Division
5.Several Offices to serve you
6.Factory Trained and Certified
7.Fire Alarm Certified for commerical systems including inspections and installations
8.NICET technicians on staff
9.Under 1000 complaints on the BBB web site Better Business Bureau web site in the last 3 years
10.Under 100 complaints on the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years
11.Under 10 complaints on the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years
12. Under 5 complaints on the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years
13. A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
14. BBB Accredited

Some of the listed companies concentrate on residential home security systems and other companies do more commercial security. Some of the companies do Fire Alarm and some don’t so trying to compare is difficult. Trying to find a company that meets all of your requirements is possible and some people like to buy or support local companies which is another factor to consider.

When you have updated information please contact Larry Love at and he can update your company information on this post. If there is incorrect information please make us aware of this as well. On the below web site you can look up Burglar Alarm companies or Contract Security Companies (Guard/Patrol) and you will find many companies that have had their licenses expire, some have been revoked and just in the list of Contract Security Companies 20 of those licenses have been denied. Do your research before you buy or invest with an Alarm company or Security Company.

This is not a complete list of companies so you can see the complete licensed list on the site below.

Verify a Utah DOPL Alarm company license

3-Mountain Communications RENEWAL DENIED
5 Diamond Home Protection LLC REVOKED
Absolute Alarm LLC DENIED
ADSCO Administrative hold
Advance Protection Services DENIED
Advanced Security Systems Administrative hold
AES Systems, Inc. DENIED
Affiliated Central Inc. DENIED
Alarm Services Inc. Administrative Hold
Alert Center Inc. Administrative Hold
Alert Electronic Alarm Company Administrative Hold
Alert Technologies Administrative Hold
All West/Utah Inc. Administrative Hold
Allied Security Administrative Hold
American Alarm Systems Administrative Hold
Ampition Home LLC – REVOKED
Anser-fone, Inc. RENEWAL DENIED
Any Hour Inc DENIED
Apartment Protection Sys Inc DENIED
Automated Security LLC DENIED
AVI Security Renewal DENIED

As you can see from this small sample of just the A letters that many of the licenses get denied or revoked. I did not list the expired licenses which just on the first 4 pages were 16 of the approximate 44 companies which is 36%. There are several reasons that a company could be put on administrative hold and you would need to check with DOPL to verify individual companies. Also the citations that DOPL gives out our public record and can be viewed on their web site. DOPL is The Division of Occupational Licensing. To get a State of Utah license companies have to show that they have current insurance, training and they need to have a qualifying agent that works for them. You can look on the same web site to see a list of items you would need to apply as a burglar alarm company or company agent. There are tests that need to be passed and an application process that does take some time. Trying to wade through the hundreds of companies is a chore.

Very few of the above companies have the entire list of services. Some of the National Companies such as TYCO and ADT do have most of the services but their central stations are out of state but they are UL listed, licensed, factory trained and they do have insurance.

Many web site say TOP 10 companies or the best 5 or top 5 companies but what you need to understand is to be on those lists you simply need to pay to get on those lists. You don’t have a have a good BBB Better Business Bureau report or even be licensed. That is why I suggest you looking at a few other criteria other than a top ten list to decide which company to use.

In the above list there is a company that has been in business since 1969,is licensed, insured, factory trained, BBB accredited with an A+ rating,has a UL listed Local Central Station to monitor your security and fire accounts, has the UL2050 listings from UL for high security, has a full Guard and Patrol Division and offices in Idaho and Utah to serve you. Peak Alarm is a clear choice when you need to decide on a security company to do your commercial or residential installations. Call Larry Love 801 428 1384 for more information or with corrections to this article.

Better Business Bureau review of two Security Companies

Until you open it you have no idea.

Until you open it you have no idea.

Don't wait till you sign a contract to find out about the complaints.

Don’t wait till you sign a contract to find out about the complaints.

Better Business Bureau web site

Peak Alarm has only received 3 complaints with the Better Business Bureau in the past 3 years. We have an A+ rating with the BBB.

TWO OF OUR COMPETITORS have received over 3000 complaints. What follows was taken from the BBB site on 040516

Well known Security Company received 3,555 complaints in the last 3 years and has a C+ rating with the BBB
408 complaints about advertising
813 complaints about billing issues
34 complaints about delivery issues
24 complaints about guarantee issues
2276 complaints or problems with product or service
156 Negative reviews filed
Several Government actions taken including citations
Company found to be hiring unlicensed people as recently as 2016

Another well known Security Company had 4105 complaints in the last 3 years

Yes it is true these companies can give you a better deal and possibly tell you that you will get some free equipment. BEWARE that you may end up signing up for more than 36 months so you could end up paying almost double the amount that you could pay with Peak. Sometimes they will tell you that you get a FREE installation. Nothing really ends up being free. If they tell you that you get a free motion beware you will end up paying for it. You will pay now or pay later.

Peak Installation $99 dollars
Peak Alarm monthly $46 dollars for 36 months =$1,656 + the installation = $1,755 over the 36 month period total cost.
With this package you get Panel, Keypad, siren, battery, 3 door contacts, 1 motion
With the monitoring you get a repair agreement (extended warranty), Cell phone monitoring and Elite control which is arming and disarming remotely.

Well Known Special Security company ZERO installation
Monthly fees are normally around $54 for 60 months = $3,240 total or on a 48 month agreement $2,592 or even 36 months $1,944
Check to see if you get the repair agreement and the remote arm and disarm and the cellular fee. Even if you do are you paying too much?

Call Larry Love at Peak Alarm for a free quote (801) 428 1384

Peak Alarm can monitor your system over your phone line for as low as 26-$32 dollars a month and over cellular as low as $36.00 but the listed $46 includes a repair agreement and it includes remote arm and disarm with your smart phone. There are several factors depending on your exact system.

Peak Alarm is the only Local Alarm Company in Utah that has their own UL listed Central Station as well as a full Guard and Patrol Division and AV Division. Call after you get the rest of the story from the Better Business Bureau about the companies you were thinking of using because they have so called better deals.

Peak Alarm web site ask for Larry Love

Looking for Security System options

What is most important to us?

What is most important to us?

Contact Larry Love for Commercial Systems

Types of Security Systems, Features such as remote arming and viewing cameras remotely, pricing for installation and monitoring

My name is Larry Love and I have been in the alarm industry for over 20 years. I hold a current Alarm license with the State of Utah I also hold several other certifications such as the UL2050 high security training and NICET. Peak Alarm also holds the UL2050 high security designation.

At the bottom of this article you will find different monitoring plans showing how a higher monthly payment can lower your installation cost just like paying for your phone upfront could lower your monthly payments and the same holds true for security systems as well.

Peak Alarm is a local Alarm company that has been in business for over 46 years and Peak Alarm has their own UL listed Central Station, Guard Division and AV Division.

1. I have put together these two PRICING example sheets for CAMERAS and ALARMS so you can get a good idea of what a new system would cost.

2. I also put an option in so you could see what it would cost to install new cameras and use your existing coax.

3. In the Salt Lake City area I would like to come by and meet with you to go over a system that will meet your specific needs. Please email me or call me and I can arrange this. or (801) 428 1384

4. I show different amounts for 36, 24 and 12 month agreements and we can also do 48 or 60 or even month to month depending on your needs.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to coming by to meet with you when you call.


September 5, 2015

Attn: Larry Love
(801) 428 1384
Pricing Examples:

Peak Alarm Company proposes to install the following:
NVR Video Recorder & POE ports with UPS backup
3MP Verifocal Camera 2.8-12mm IP66 weather rating with motorized zoom
CABLE & CONNECTORS (Up to 100 feet per camera) call and we can figure up longer runs
Entry level camera is 3.6mm 2.1MP fixed lens 60’ IR and IP66 rating


4 Camera 2TB FLIR System installed……………………..……………………………………$3,124.00
4 Camera 2TB FLIR System with entry level cameras installed……………..……$2,460.00
8 Camera 6TB FLIR System installed………………………………………………….…………$6,422.00
8 Camera 6TB FLIR System with entry level cameras install ………….…….……$5,024.00
8 Camera 2TB FLIR Sys use exist coax and entry level 2.1 MP cameras…$3,499.00
16 Camera 16 TB FLIR System installed ………………………………………………….…$12,682.00
16 Camera 16 TB AXIS System with Milestone software & Husky Server…$36,855.00
57 Camera 64 TB FLIR System……………………………………………………………….…….$58,744.00
57 Camera 48 TB AXIS System with Milestone & Husky Server……………..…$112,151.00

Peak Alarm decided to work with specific manufacturers although we can get many different models and brands we lean toward FLIR and AXIS cameras although we also install Pelco and other brands.

Cameras are like cars, all of them have some basic features like 4 wheels and a steering wheel but depending on the brand and model the feature set will be a large factor in the pricing.

We have a $400 dollar camera in the FLIR line that is 3MP verifocal 2.8 to 12mm, IP66 rated, 90 foot IR and built to last.
A similar camera from AXIS is $1,375.00

Cable and installation would then be added to these cameras along with the headend equipment. The prices above include, NVR, UPS, POE power, installation and the cameras. When you have servers installed it costs more than just having a simple NVR installed.

How long do you need the equipment to last? Often the answer to this is “A couple of years” until technology get better then I will buy new cameras. Other people want the camera systems to last 10 or 15 years which is fine although people that have a 15 year old camera system that still works do not have High Definition cameras where you can zoom in after the recorder has done it’s job. You get what you see and often the video is not useable by the police.

We can also purchase cameras from asia that cost much less although we are very careful about the quality of our cameras because we want our customers to be happy with the product and the service.

Each of these options can tie to your internet connection so you can remotely view the cameras. When you do so it is best to tie the NVR units to a static IP address otherwise you can purchase a DNS service or have your IT people do port forwarding. If you have a dynamic IP which can change then your remote connection to your smart phone could be lost each time the IP changes.

Recently I got a call from a customer who has already installed 2 camera systems he had purchased at big box stores and he had been smart enough to purchase 2 systems each time in order to have replacement parts. The equipment was very inexpensive so the quality was quite low. When you purchase a $50 dollar camera you get what you pay for.

8 CAM 2TB 720P will give you about 14 days of storage on motion recording 6TB – 2MP about 21 days of storage. Call for other storage options.

September 5, 2015

Attn: Larry Love
(801) 428 1384
Pricing Examples:

Security Control Panel with 2 keypads, cellular communicator and backup battery
3 Man door Contacts
2 Overhead door metal contacts
3 Motion Detectors
2 Glass Break Sensors

Hardwired DMP Options using the equipment list above
1. $2,377.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 36 months
2. $2,780.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 36 months
3. $2,844.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 24 months
4. $3,255.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 24 months
5. $3,122.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 12 months
6. $3,412.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 12 months

Wireless Options using the above equipment list (If a repeater is needed for size add $175.00)
7. $844.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 36 months
8. $1,233.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 36 months
9. $1,087.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 24 months
10. $1,588.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 24 months
11. $1,622.00 installation and $44.00 per month for 12 months
12. $1,882.00 installation and $34.00 per month for 12 months
13. $99.00 installed $39.00 per month for 36 months ( Panel, 1 KP,1 Motion & 3 Contacts)

Add $5 per month to any of the above options for interactive smart phone arm/disarm

Installation can be reduced when we extend the agreement to 48 months or 60 months
Installation can be reduced when you a higher monthly monitoring fee
Monthly fee can be reduced when you pay a higher installation fee

Price to add itemized devices:
Motion $130.00 wireless or $143.00 hardwired if within 100 feet easy access no drilling
Door or Window Contact wireless $65.00 or $100+ depending on location
Additional Keypad $249.00 or about $275 to $300 hardwired
Wireless Glass Break $110.00 or hardwired glass break $156 easy access within 100 feet

Add device price + cable + labor to install cable and device = Total hardwired price

Hardwired system can be partitioned so you can arm different areas at different times using different codes. Monthly fee includes cellular service and monthly monitoring fee.

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been in business for over 46 years

Most of our youth do research and know what they are looking for and if they cannot find it on the web site easily they go elsewhere

Perception is reality at least someone’s reality ?

Would you get close to her?

Would you get close to her?

Contact Larry Love at Peak Alarm

(801) 428 1384 Fire Alarm, Access Control, Security, Cameras and Intercom.

Some say that perception is reality and really if a person thinks that your company sucks in the service area then this is their perception and they pass on their perceptions to others and this becomes reality for many people whether we like it or not. So we need to strive to keep the perceptions of others positive in order to move forward as a great business. What we think of ourselves matters somewhat although what others think of us in the business world really does matter and perception becomes their reality.

I have looked online for negative information about Peak Alarm and I have found several comments although a few of them appear to be written by the same person. I then started researching these negative comments and found that one person that made several comments had not paid their bill and was upset that Peak Alarm wanted to collect money that was due. After meeting with accounting, the CEO and the President of Peak Alarm I found that Peak takes all of these negative comments seriously and uses them as a way to improve the company. If indeed someone at Peak is speaking in a negative manner to a customer, action will be taken and this will be corrected or they will no longer be able to work here. All of our phone lines are recorded lines and management often goes back for training purposes to listen to conversations we have had with customers to make sure we are treating them in a professional manner. I will say that Accounting can transfer you to a non recorded line and that is to protect your credit card information or your checking account information. Other than that all the other lines are recorded.

When Peak Alarm messes up our CEO explained that we learn from it, we strive to improve and try to not let that same thing happen again in the future. Our President of our company wants Peak Alarm to have a good positive image and he does his best to oversee that the company is moving in a forward direction. Peak Alarm pays their insurance, Peak Alarm pays their use tax and other taxes that are due including workers compensation insurance and liability and auto insurance. Since we have 270 employees Peak ends up dealing with People issues just like any other company. When you have an issue you can actually call our office and speak with the President or CEO or even the owner. With many large companies this is not the case.

Peak Alarm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In the last 3 years Peak Alarm has had 3 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and all three of them are closed. One complaint was about the product and 2 complaints were billing complaints. One of our competitors has changed their name 3 times and has had over 3490 complaints filed in the last 3 years and over 1200 in the last year alone. Many of our competitors are not BBB accredited. This competitor has had law suits filed against them in multiple states. For this reason we suggest that you check the Better Business Bureau profile of every company that you intend to get pricing from. This company also had hired several lawyers to deal with not only the law suits but with the complaints. They also hired Internet companies to try to improve their image and perception and they have paid quite a bit of money to do just that and it appears to be working when when you do internet searches you get redirects and many of the top page results have been paid results to push the negative down several pages. Here at Peak Alarm we have not paid for those type of services so when we have very few negative comments the perception seems like there are more since we have not suppressed the negative like our competitors.

Peak Alarm is not only learning from our mistakes but we are learning from the mistakes of others so we can become a better more professional company. We have been encouraged to take responsibility for any phone call even if it does not apply to us or our department so we strive to handle or resolve the situation without having to push the person off to other departments. Being a solution based company is our goal so we look for ways to solve our customers challenges.

When a comment is made on the Internet whether positive or negative it can make a real difference in your business. Some companies pay large sums of money to suppress the negative even hiring lawyers or paying people to remove negative comments. Peak Alarm has only had 3 negative complaints filed in the last 3 years on the Better Business Bureau yet we have had other comments posted on the Internet and they did not file them with the BBB because they know that an investigation will be done and what it will turn up. When a person does not pay their bills and gets upset when the company wants to collect they often will make up reasons as to why they don’t want to pay saying the system has never worked or that our employees were rude to them like that would make it ok not to pay your bills. When this happens our management goes back and listens to those conversations to see if any of them are valid or not in order to use these experiences as a training tool.

Test your alarms frequently

Peak Alarm Can help

Brands of Fire Alarm

Depending on the brand of fire alarm you have installed in your facility the cost of parts and service will vary. When you choose a proprietary many times you may end up paying higher costs.

Ignoring the maintenance on your car can lead to costly repairs and even loss of life. Alarm systems in our homes and businesses should be tested and updated periodically.

1. Make sure the batteries in your smoke detectors are replaced every 6 months

2. Replace the panel battery in your main alarm panel every 3 to 5 years and label the battery with the replacement date.

3. Call your central station, place the system in test and perform a routine test making sure that all the points function as they should. In a business the annual NFPA 72 test is required by Law so make sure the Fire Alarm is tested once a year and the report filed.

4. Call the central station back and get a report of all the points that were received to be assured that you tested all the zones and devices on your point/zone list.

5. CO detectors expire every 5 or 7 years and need to be replaced. Check the dates. Smoke Detectors should be replaced every 10 years or so and they should be cleaned every 6 months. Put your system in test before you clean them since most of the time vacuuming them will set the alarm off. Read the instructions for your smoke detectors on proper care and maintenance before do it. New low frequency sounders are coming out to meet NFPA 72 code (get the newer equipment which wakes people up more effectively)

6. When you don’t feel confident doing these things for yourself you can call a reputable service company to help you. The hourly cost will vary although normally it is around $100 per hour for residential and around $130 per hour for commercial labor rates. Some of the smaller companies have lower labor rates when their overhead is less.

7. Peak Alarm has received 5 complaints with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years and has resolved all of them. Unfortunately some of our competitors have had hundreds and a couple of local companies have had thousands of complaints logged against them on Peak Alarm is acredited and has a rating of A+ with the BBB. Check before getting pricing from any company to avoid the headache of dealing with organizations that may not be professional.

Larry Love

(801) 428 1384

Master Fire Alarm Tech State of Utah / NICET II#107204 Fire Alarm Systems

I welcome corrections and clarifications

Peaklink security panel is easy to use

You don't have to be a magician to use this panel

You don’t have to be a magician to use this panel

The Peaklink Security Panel by Peak Alarm is easy to use

Call Larry Love 801 428 1384

When you have the app on your phone just open the app and click ARM or DISARM it is that simple. When you don’t have the app then touch SECURITY and follow the prompts to ARM (It will ask for your code) If you need to leave a window open because the carpet is drying just follow the prompts to bypass and you can still arm your system.

Call Larry Love at (801) 428 1384 or on his cell at (801) 898 6003 for a free security consultation here on the Wasatch front. Peak Alarm is a local Utah company that has 5 offices in Utah and Idaho and has been in business for over 46 years.

UL listed Central Station also listed for UL2050 high security installations
46 years in business
A+ rating with better business bureau
Peak AV department ranked 18th in the Nation
Full Service Security Guard and Patrol Division
CAD department for design work
NICET technicians
Utah Certified techs for Fire Inspections and Installations
Peak Alarm rated #61 in the nation by SDM magazine
All employees licensed and insured

Peak Alarm can DESIGN your system, INSTALL your system, RESPOND to alarm, SERVICE your system, INSPECT your system so indeed Peak Alarm is a FULL SERVICE COMPANY

Security, Intrusion, Fire Alarm, Access Control DSX,Intercom,cameras, AXIS, Hochiki Fire Alarm, Silent Knight Fire Alarm, Firelite, DMP, Bosch,Alarms, Best Fire Alarm, Full Service

Peak Alarm takes all complaints seriously and strives to use those complaints to make positive changes here at Peak Alarm. I have met personally with the President and the CEO of the company and they assure me they are willing to listen and make needed changes as issues arise.

Speaker strobes and strobe voltage line drop

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Trust Peak Alarm for all your security & fire alarm needs.

Speaker Strobes are installed on VOICE EVACUATION and MASS NOTIFICATION SYSTEMS to inform people of different options. Sometimes the option is to evacuate the building and other times it may be to stay put or move to another area.

Speaker Strobes have a different wiring configuration than Horn/Strobes do. Horn/Strobes are meant solely to evacuate a building. Speaker Strobes have two wires that power the strobes and two wires that power the speaker and allow the messages to be heard. Many times the wire on the speakers is shielded meaning it has like a foil type protective cover or shield around the wire to protect the cable from interference that could cause the speakers to have extra noise.

There is a power supply to power the strobes and another one to power the speaker which will have a watt draw. Most of the speakers will have an adjustment to allow them to be set at 1/4, 1/2, 1 watt etc… A 25 Watt voice evac system could handle 25 speakers set at 1 watt considering wattage affected by wire distances and also the mA draw of the strobes.

Strobes draw anywhere from 66mA to just over 200 mA on normal settings and higher when the cd (candela settings) are higher. An example of a strobe that draws 200mA would allow you to run 5 of them on a circuit with 1 amp. Many power supplies have 1.5 amp or 2 or even 2.5 amps available. Let’s say it has 2 amps available. Since each amp is 1000mA you could install ten of the 200mA strobes or so you would think. The other consideration is how far the strobe is from the power supply and what size wire you are using.

Now let’s look at how voltage line drop is figured out.

Load X Resistance = Voltage drop

(With our example of 10 strobes that have a load or mA draw of 200mA each or 2 amps together the Load is 2 so we times that by the resistance of 3.19 which I got from the NEC (NFPA 70) electrical code for 14 gauge wire and 2 x 3.19 is a voltage line drop of 6.38 volts so if we start with 24 we would end up with 17.62 and since the strobe will work from 16 VDC to 33VDC we should be fine as long as we have a 2amp circuit. Many Engineers will require a 20% buffer when they design the system so they tell you to only put 80% or in this case 8 strobes on a circuit.

When you have a power supply with 4 circuits 2 amps each then you could only put 32 strobes on one power supply and then you would need an additional power supply. The limit would be 40 so with only 32 on the power supply you can add up to 8 at a later time. These examples are using 24 Volts DC not 12.

Going back to our example of the drop there is another item to consider. Instead of counting on a voltage of 24 we start with 20.4 and then subtract our voltage line drop giving us only 14.02 which is outside the limits so then we do another calculation and find out that when we run a cable that is only 689 feet on the circuit then the voltage line drop is only 4.4 volts so we end up with over 16 volts DC at the last strobe even with a safety factor.

So you can put less strobes on a circuit to help your calculations


you can shorten the cable runs to help put your calculations into the proper limits


You can use a larger power supply


You can find strobes that have a lower current draw

When you run 18 gauge wire (cable) normally these cables are 2 conductor and the cable is normally FPL, FPLR or FPLP and is normally SOLID copper.

18 gauge wire has a resistance of 8.08 Ohms resistance per 1000′ so you could install up to 5 strobes on a circuit that was 545 feet and have a voltage line drop of 4.4 volts. So you can see that installing 18 gauge cable for strobes is not the best option. The 14 gauge wire is a better choice.

Many people say then let’s use 10 gauge or 12 gauge cable and the figures will be better and that sounds reasonable although 10 gauge cable does not fit under the strobe terminals and 12 gauge is very difficult to work with. Sometimes you can make pigtails from the higher gauge cable to a lower size although this can cause issues at a later date.

Keep in mind when you have to install class A circuits that most of the time you would loose 2 of the 4 circuits on the power supply so you would need double the power supplies. Some manufacturers allow you to keep all four circuits. FireLite has some power supplies where you don’t loose the other two circuits when you add special modules.

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Axis Camera Certification

Larry at work with Lizeths stepdad

Several employees from Peak Alarm were certified last week and passed the AXIS Camera certification exam. The testing was done by PROMETRIC. The three day training was intensive. I personally was challenged by this class and the test although I passed it and learned a great deal about IP camera systems. Having sales people that have extensive training assists the installation technicians to do their job since the jobs are designed properly from the start.

Peak Alarm is not known for being the least expensive or low bidder on most projects. Peak Alarm is known for quality. Having been in business for over 45 years with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating peak maintains a high level of factory training for both technicians and the sales force. There were 30 Peak Alarm employees in the AXIS training class.

Peak Alarm also has certified technicians for DSX, DMP, Hochiki and others.

Many customers that look for the least expensive security solution end up with one of our competitors that has thousands of complaints with the Better Business Bureau and buyers remorse at a later date.

Spending the money to have a professional installation done right the first time will help you avoid that remorse.

One of the companies I visited two weeks ago had gone through 2 camera systems before they finally called us. The first system was a camera system from a big box store and the old adage “you get what you pay for” could not have applied more. The second system was installed by a security company who provided very low quality materials and the system is only 2 years old and is falling apart.

Peak Alarm offers entry level systems, midrange and enterprise systems. We want to keep our customers for generations, our goal is not just to get the sale.

Give me a call at 801 428 1384 or email me at and I can come by and do a site assessment at no charge here on the Wasatch front within 80 Miles of Salt Lake City. Peak Alarm is licensed, their employees are licensed and have gone through the FBI back ground checks, the company is insurred and keeps their workers compensation insurance, their auto insurance and their general liability insurance up to date. Peak Alarm pays use tax on equipment and all applicable taxes where required.

Peak Alarm offers equipment for sale and on leases OAC. We can do 12 month, 24 month, 36 month or even 60 month contracts. If it is needed Peak Alarm can also do month to month contracts for specific situations. Keep in mind that most of our customers sign the 36 month contract in order for Peak to help out and subsidize part of the equipment. When you sign up for a 12 month contract the equipment will have a higher cost than a 36 month contract. Leasing is a good option for many companies because the up front costs are not as high. Call us and we can help you find the best option for your installation needs.

We look forward to your call.

Before you buy look up all alarm companies that you talk to or get pricing from on the before you buy anything.

Be sure to look up all the alarm companies that you get bids from on the Better Business Bureau