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The products sold on this web site do not come with a warranty and there are no returns. We have kept our prices extremely low and the product quality is high. We have obtained the information we sell on this site through our own experience yet we urge you to verify any advice through a licensed professional in your area before taking or implementing this advice. The law can be different in each state so verify advice with a local professional. By acknowledging this you are affirming that you understand the risks you are taking when you purchase information or products from this web site.

Los productos que vendemos en este sitio no tienen garantía y no aceptamos productos de regreso. Los precios son muy bajos y la calidad es alta. Hemos obtenido mucho de la información que vendemos aquí atreves de experiencia pero debes verificar toda la información con un profesional antes de implementarlo o practicarlo. Las leyes son diferentes en cada estado.

We are not lawyers nor do we claim to be. Any information that you get off of this site regarding advice should be verified through an experienced lawyer or professional before you put it into practice.

No somos abogados y nunca decimos esto en nuestra información. Debes verificar información con un profesional antes de ponerlo en práctica. Siempre debe verificar la información en asuntos tan importantes..

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