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We offer a variety of documents and MP3 files that will help you with immigration issues. We are not lawyers and we always suggest that you verify and go over all the information that we give you with an experienced immigration attorney since every case is different.

We have been through much of the immigration process and in the last few years gained real life experiences with USCIS and lawyers and we can tell you what to ask your lawyer, after a few questions you will know if he or she really does specialize in immigration law. We outline options that many lawyers may not even know about.

People that tell you that there is no way you can become legal if you came over the border are not giving you all the options. We don't want to create false hope either because in many cases it is necessary that you leave the country in order to complete the process so you need to know all your options up front so you can make a good decision as to how you will handle your situation and where you want to spend your money.

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