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Thank you for your interest in L&L Fine Art Rosaries, scroll down to the bottom for pictures of many custom rosaries and crosses.

The unique gift that feels right in your hands.

Please consider this one of a kind rosary since we are not making them in bulk. We make each one individually and we don’t do special orders. Many times it takes me more time to chose the materials and design the rosaries than it takes to assemble them because we carefully chose materials that feel good together. Sometimes we will make a rosary and then take it apart because it does not feel right. You can buy a less expensive rosary. We are not just selling rosaries, but a tool that will be used in scared prayer.

We strongly believe that a family that prays together stays together. Therefore, we believe that special blessings are given when one holds a scared rosary that has been prayed upon within one's family, reflecting the beautiful gift of prayer learned from generations before. Our rosaries are built to last. Rosaries are not made to be worn and like anything else with use they can wear out but when treated respectfully they will last for many years.

We use many types of gemstones and non-gemstone material in our rosaries accented with unique beads. We hand pick all of the materials especially for the purpose of prayer. We try to imagine holding the beads and praying as we pick the materials. We call these Fire Art pieces since they are individually made as art as well as a sacramental tool. The crosses can be changed.

This rosary can last for generations when treated with respect!

Larry started making rosaries about 1990 out of higher quality materials than plastic or wood. Now we combine many different materials to come up with a final art product that is truly beautiful. We have been making Rosaries for over 20 years now. We hold a deep respect for the rosary.

Pictures of the Rosaries may be a bit distorted because they asked for certain sized pictures for the web site so you may get a rosary that does not look exactly like the picture but I can assure you that the rosaries are handmade and very good quality and for the low price that we offer them we do not take returns or exchanges because we have decided to sell them at these blowout prices and it would not be cost effective to spend time on returns and exchanges unless we priced them at double the cost.

We have made rosaries for many religious communities, and we were honored to deliver several of our Rosaries to Guatemala last year and see the joy that it brought when people received the type of rosaries that cannot be bought in that area.

These rosaries can be passed down through the generations as scared gifts.

God bless you in your righteous efforts and a prayer from the heart can change the world, your life and the lives of those around you.


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