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We strive to have an attitude of "How can we help?" or "What can we do for you?" We tried to put this site together with this attitude. We see a problem with immigration in many areas and we recognize that lawyers are expensive and many people need to understand more about the process and hear about some of our experiences before they go see a lawyer. We are not lawyers yet we have paid lawyers and we know many of the questions to ask, therefore when you listen to our audio files or purchase one of our immigration suggestion documents you will get more than your moneys worth. We appreciate donations and we also suggest that you listen to and read our material before you go see a lawyer and that way you will be better prepared and it will take less time than it would if you had not purchased our materials.

Nosotros tratamos de tener un actitud de "Como podemos ayudar?" y "Que podemos hacer por Usted?" Tratamos de hacer este sitio con esto en mente y sabemos que abogados cobran mucho dinero entonces si compras nuestras materiales van a estar más preparados para reunir con su abogado, van a saber muchas de las preguntas que Usted debe preguntar y van a malgastar menos tiempo con su abogado. Siempre decimos que Usted debe tener un abogado per nuestra información son experiencias reales y muchas veces un abogados hablan muy complicados. Gracias por su ayuda.
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