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There are two types of Spanish MP3 files that I am recording. The first one is in Spanish for those that speak Spanish giving advice about different topics.

The second type of Spanish MP3 files that we offer are a mix of both languages giving you an explanation of the words or words in English and then giving you 3 times to say the word and hear it repeated back in Spanish. This will assist you in your efforts to learn Spanish.

Warning: We do have a product that includes profanity which is meant to educate those people in law enforcement. If this offends you then read the description of each product before purchase and we will be sure to place a warning in the description.

Hay dos tipos de MP3 en Español. Primero son grabaciones para los que hablan español para que ellos puedan recibir consejos acerca de diferentes temas.

El segundo tipo son grabaciones que son una mescla de Español e ingles pero estos archivos de MP3 son para los que no hablan Español pero quieren aprender. Decimos las palabras 3 veces dando la persona tiempo para escuchar y repetir las palabras.

Advertencia: Tenemos productos que contienen profanidad, más que nada son para las personas en las profesiones como policía y si este le molestia entonces lea las descripciones bien porque tienen una advertencia en la descripción.

Another great website that I recommend is www.livemocha.com which has many free features and lessons where you can interact with native speakers. Livemocha was Named Sterling Award Winner in Education and Continued Learning Category

Winners represent best in class products and technologies for Americans Age 50+

LAS VEGAS, January 10, 2012 – Livemocha has been selected as a winner in the Education and Continued Learning Category in the first annual Sterling Awards competition, announced at the Silvers Summit Conference at CES. Sponsored by AARP, the Sterling Awards identify the very best in technology innovation and product excellence for Americans age 50+.

I joined Livemocha.com and have really enjoyed it. The MP3 files that I have placed on my site www.helpwithpapers.com are quite unique and are not like the basic information that you will find on livemocha so I do recommend that you use it as a daily program that will help you immerse into the language and use the MP3 files and information that I offer as supplemental.

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