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Hello this is my family and my name is Larry and I decided to put together a web site and offer some information for free and charge a small amount of money for other information. My wife is from Guatemala and we spent years submitting paperwork in order for her to get the VISA to be here. Having said that we met with several lawyers and researched all the options. We even had a lawyer tell us that ICE denies and lawyers reapply it's a business. We ran out of money and had to start filling out our own forms PRO SE (without a lawyer or by yourself) and we learned a few things doing it that way and we would like to pass that information on. With economic times being as they are we are both working and my job in the construction industry is very slow so we started this web site. We are also involved in several other things in the community such as teaching CERT,Scouts, Interpreting for Hospitals and Clinics. We make necklaces and Rosaries and my teenage son helps us do this so we can earn extra money for the family. So take a look at the site and know that this is a real family business and it does help us raise our children and make up some of the thousands of dollars we sent to ICE and USCIS. We sent in 29 forms and most of them were denied so we learned some good lessons we can help others avoid pitfalls that we fell into. If you send in forms be aware that if they are denied you will not get a refund since you are paying the large amounts of money for them to process the forms. This is another reason to fill out the forms step by step following the instructions exactly.

I know that the information we sell will help you avoid wasting as much time as we did and that will save you, both time and money in the long run by not making some of the mistakes that we made.

Hola, la foto es una foto de mi familia y mi nombre es Larry y decidimos hacer este sitio y ofrecer algunas cosas gratis y cobrar por otras cosas. Mi esposa es de Guatemala y hemos estado llenando papeles por años con USCIS y ICE. Hemos llenado 29 formularios y casi todos fueron negados. Teníamos un abogado al empezar, pero después de gastar más de $5000 teníamos que llenar los papeles sin un abogado. (PRO SE). Gracias a Dios recibimos una Visa hace poco y podemos compartir nuestro conocimiento con Usted. Mi trabajo ha sido muy despacio en construcción y estoy involucrado en varias cosas para hacer dinero extra. Hacemos rosarios como una familia. Por favor mira las descripciones de nuestros productos y yo se que la información que vendemos va a ayudarles gastar menos tiempo y menos dinero en muchos casos por evitar un malgasto de tiempo. Antes de gastar miles consigue un poco de conocimiento de nuestras experiencias. Usted tiene que saber que si Usted manda formularios y estan negados normalmente no hay reembolsos entonces haga las cosas bien y paso por paso.

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