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Immigration facts

It is against the law to enter the US without permission and if you are caught crossing the border without the proper papers you will be deported. This can be treated as a criminal act although much of the time is is handled as a civil infraction. >p>

If you cross the border and do not get caught and for example end up in another state then this is called "Unlawful Presence" and it is not criminal but only a civil infraction. This does not mean however that the Government cannot deport you when they find you.

The issues are more complicated than just illegal and legal when it comes to action the government can take and how they go about enforcement. We have laws for a reason and one of those reasons is to keep order. We may not agree with the laws as they are written but we should keep the law and this site will give you some tools so you can straighten out your paperwork in many situations. There are consequences for every action that we take so being willing to stand up and be responsible is important.

We understand that many of the negative immigration statements are only part true although it is very difficult to justify when someone is breaking the law. Keep in mind that many people that come here do so to work and help their families but many others come here and participate in criminal activity. We understand that people have families they need to take care of although it is best when they strive to take care of their families without breaking the laws of the land. Having said that we need to remember a few very important things:

Those that are here without permission paid over 9 billion dollars into the mismatched social security fund in 2009 alone and without this contribution each year we will fall further in debt as a country and enter into a grave situation. These people don't get any of these contributions back nor do they get Federal or State funds they have paid in back.

If we kicked out the millions of people that are here without permission to be here, millions of landlords would go into financial problems and most would go bankrupt.

One of the unintended consequences is the billions of dollars of crops that have rotted in the fields in several states that have passed laws trying to take care of this problem. They have tried to get Americans to do this work and so far they have not been able to meet that need.We admit there is a problem although we need to strive to pass reasonable laws that will not hurt the States and the Nation economically and socially. Deporting millions of people will also separate millions of families that are mixed families where some members of the family are American Citizens. This would cause the parents to have to leave these children in the care of the States leaving millions of children to be cared for by the States without the parents being able to work and provide for them as they currently do.

Another concerns is the loss of jobs and income. Many of our industries depend on this group of labor workers and without them and without the money that they make and spend within the country we will bring the country down even further than it already has fallen economically.

The millions of homes and apartments that are being rented by these people also have property taxes that pay for a portion of the education in the country and without that money coming in the schools will not have enough money to operate and pay the teachers etc...The off set of children they will loose is not enough to make up the difference.

More information with references will be added shortly. Do not take these facts to mean that we approve of illegal immigration but we do believe in passing reasonable laws to protect the people and the economic situation of the United States.

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