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Fix your credit free / Aregla su Credito There are many programs out there to help you fix your credit and many of them are very expensive. This program is proven to improve your CREDIT in a few easy steps

Step one apply for credit somewhere and if your not accepted then you can mail a copy of the denial letter to all of the credit reporting centers and they will send you a free credit report because of your denial. You can also pay for a report if you would like to do that. The so called free credit report plans normally end up costing money. Once you get your report in the mail.

Highlight all the items on your credit report that you believe are not valid. If there was an identity problem then you will include police reports in your letters that you send back disputing those bills. Now write a letter and send it back to all the credit reporting agencies, this letter will ask that they open an investigation into your case to correct the information that you say is not correct.

Now on the information that is correct you will put together a list of the bills that have not been paid and begin by contacting the lowest amount one first and offer them to settle the account as PAID for a portion of the balance due. If the bill is $1000 offer them $400 and be clear that you do not want it to be a CHARGE OFF since that would be a bad mark on your credit. You want it marked paid in full. It is best to speak with these people on the phone. Now if they will not accept that deal ask how much they would be willing to take. Be clear to them that you have every intention of paying your bills and let them know you want to avoid bankruptcy but if they will not work with you then you may be forced to take out bankruptcy in which case they would get nothing.

If they will not settle for a cash payment of a portion of the balance then you can try this trick. Send them a check for $25 dollars and at the bottom of the check where the MEMO portion is write this: Payment 1 of 40 no interest. Now if they cash this $25 dollar check then in a way they are accepting your terms to the payback which would take 40 months to pay $1000 back and if you go to court you can show the judge a steady payment record of you sending them something each month. It depends how many bills you have as to the amounts that you will be sending them. Many of them will not accept these terms and they will send the account to collections and garnish your check from your work.

If they accept and cash the check then keep sending them payments each month and go onto the next account and do the same process. Keep in mind that as you do each one of these and clean up the account your credit score will be higher as time goes by.

When a letter comes back after their investigations be sure to dispute any information that is not correct again including police reports or documents to show that you never lived at those addresses that are recorded in your report and let them know that you are not responsible for bills that you did not have anything to do with.

Keep records of all the letters you send and get in a notebook and a file called CREDIT REPAIR. Do this for yourself, your husband or wife and your friends and you will note that as your credit score improves so will your chances for getting new credit cards and loans but whatever you do don't go out and take out a bunch of loans and get a bunch of credit cards.

HBSC through Orchard Bank offers a card that is a secured card meaning you send them $200 like a savings account and then you should never use more than $100 of the credit per month and make sure you send them $100 each month to avoid the interest. Now this credit card reports to all the main agencies so now your good score of making monthly payments will also improve your credit score.

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