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We charge because we have spent over 12,000 dollars for lawyers and filing forms dealing with immigration and we went into debt in order to do this the right way. We have 5 children and need to keep our family together, so we strive to teach these children to earn an honest wage. They help us make the handmade necklaces and rosaries that we have here on the site and that way we can get out of debt and help others that are also having to struggle with the complicated forms and processes the government requires. The prices are very low and the information and products are worth what you spend. You will pay more than $200 per hour for a good lawyer and our information does not take the place of a good lawyer but it will help you be better prepared when you meet your attorney so you don't waste time and money. Some lawyers don't want to key you into how much of a battle it can turn into or how many forms may have to be filed so we can help prepare you mentally for the entire ordeal. We have a donation account set up at ZIONS BANK under LIZETH MORALES DONATION and the last four digits of the account are 7056 any donation no matter how small is appreciated.

HOW WE FIGURE PRICES. We normally spend around 10-20 dollars for the beads for a necklace and bit more for a rosary depending on the stones, we add 4 to 8 dollars in metal beads or other type beads then we add another 5-10 dollars for the center piece and cross or the clasp and findings including the special cord we use and just materials add up to 19 to 38 dollars before we put any markup or labor on the necklace or rosary. It takes about one hour to make a rosary or about 40 minutes to make a necklace so we add another 20-30 dollars for labor, design and a $2 dollar box and handling fee so you can see that for a rosary we are at about 58-$75 dollars without adding much of a markup on the materials and normally jewelery is a 400 percent markup but many factories will at least double the cost of the materials and labor so you are getting great prices with quality workmanship and quality materials.

Cobramos porque entramos en deudas más de doce mil con abogados y en formularios del gobierno para mandar los formularios de inmigración y hacer las cosas bien. Tenemos cinco niños y tenemos que guardar la familia junto y los niños nos ayudan hacer las cosas como collares y rosarios para que ellos pueden ayudarnos a salir de deudas y para enseñarlos como trabajar honestamente. Hemos aprendido muchas lecciones en los últimos años y podemos ayudar otros con nuestro experiencia para manejar el sistema del gobierno y inmigración. Los precios son muy bajos y la información y productos valen la pena. Usted va a pagar más de $200 la hora para un abogado bueno y nuestro información no toma el lugar de un abogado pero si va a ayudarles preparar mejor para no malgastar dinero.

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